Whisper Of A Thrill

by Pierre

We are born.

We walk.

We learn.

We know.

Develop concern.

We grow.

Get jobs.

Disapprove of snobs.

Call them knobs.

We meet.

Enjoy the greet.


Our knees go weak.

Whisper of a thrill.

You give me the will.

To keep on.

Carry on.

Deal with life.

Forget death.

To cope with strife.

You show me love.

My heart floats above.

We marry.

Over the threshold you’re carried.

New life is created.


We argue.

We hate.

You leave.

I grieve.

Tear stained sleeves.

Years go on pining for each other.

Reconnect with one another.

Whisper of a thrill.

And forget all the bother.

Grow old together.

What a life we’ve lead.

We’ve sweat, we’ve cried, we’ve bled.

You die.

I cry and ask why.

In the ground you lie, underneath the blue polluted sky.

We’ll meet again in the after life.

I go on alone.

Broken heart.

I tear apart.

Fall down.

Hit the ground.

I fail to fight.

See the light.

Lose my sight.

Six foot under.

I hear the thunder.

There’s your face.

I’m in the right place.

Whisper of a thrill.

3 Comments to “Whisper Of A Thrill”

  1. Nicely Done Ace “Pete


  2. Oh wow….a whole life in a few short words…I like it.

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