Shameless Plugging – DarkJade

by darkjade68

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Shameless Plugging – DarkJade

Hey Guys, as a way to Distract You Our Readers from “The Create A World Writing Contest” for a Moment, as Our Judges Catch up on Reading The 26 Entries so Far, I thought it might be a Good Time for Our Crew to Shamelessly Promote Their Own Personal Blogs, lol

Now, Granted, I May be the Only Crew Member who Actually Ends up doing this (Hopefully Not, Help me Out Here Ace “Pete, lol), But I Figure I’ve got enough Blogs or Sites To keep you busy for a “Moment” of time anyway, lol

Nuff Said

On With The Shameless Plugging

DarkJade Going Viral

My Newest Blog that I have Created, is Specifically Designed to Focus on The “Marketing” Aspects/Efforts involved in My Self Publishing, but I also Write Articles about Who/What/Where I think is either “About to Go Viral, or who I think Already has Begun to…

My Latest Post is About The Avenger’s Movie, You Can Check it Out Here Going Viral – The Avengers.



The Written Word

My Original Blog “The Written Word“, which is basically a place for most of My Creative Writing/Blog Series/Novels/Music Posts/Poetry Etc. Etc. Etc.

My Latest Two Posts are Cold as Frost (A Poem Set to Music), and Chess With Agatha (Chapter XVII) – The Dragon Truth, which is The Fantasy Novel that I’m currently Writing.

See Also DarkJade Publishing (My Self Published Books), White Jade (My Comic Book), Dark Xperience (My Chilling Music/Trance Posting Site), One Knight (My Childhood Novel/Guest Author Creative Writing Blog) which is very much unattended atm, lol)

Ok That’s all The Shameless Plugging I Can Muster (Hands Baton To Next Crew Member)

Nuff Said


*Follow The DarkGlobe on Twitter @TheDarkGlobe1

**Follow Me @DJWrittenWord, @DarkJade68 and @DarkXperience


2 Comments to “Shameless Plugging – DarkJade”

  1. This is a really nice idea DJ 🙂

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