Shameless Plugging| VeehCirra

by Beautiful Rumi


April has been a good month for both readers and writers.

With the Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest at full swing. The judges have their hands full. Reading and catching up on all the submissions.

As a way of interacting with our readers and from a gentle nudge from Dark Jade. The crew will write a Shameless Plugging of their own blogs.

So here is my very shameless plug 😉

I’m Veeh Cirra and my blog the Way to Full Consciousness focuses on Inspiration and Personal Growth. I feel that understanding what you are meant to do in life. Does make life worthwhile…Read on.. Ever Wondered If You Choose The Right Path In Life?

I also write about my experiences of life from my motherland Kenya. Here are the 5 reasons why Mombasa is the best city in Kenya

Furthermore, I tend to write about writing. As a writer we bring words and characters to life. It’s a fascinating experience.You may be wondering to yourself…Do You Have The Writer’s Syndrome?

Currently I am participating in the 30 day of blogging in honesty. The goal is to answer 30 questions each day with a complete honest answer. After, the 30 days are over a dare is to be completed…very fun,huh?

This has been one shameless plugging. Hope you have enjoyed it. Come check out my blog @VeehCirra for more inspirational writings.


2 Comments to “Shameless Plugging| VeehCirra”

  1. That is Truly a “Shameless” Plug Vee

    You Should Be Proud, lol

    But Truly Thank You Vee, and That is a Very Cool Picture

    And This is s Lovely Plug, lol… Not Shameless at all


  2. HaHa guess the honesty challenge is making me utterly shameless

    I really enjoyed myself writing this “Shameless” Plug

    Thanks Jade

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