Create A World Writing Contest – Reader’s Choice Award Voting

by darkjade68

There are a Few Different Ways that We will be Determining the “Create A World Writing Contest Reader’s Choice Award“…

One of the Ways is Right Here, Right Now…

Please Let Us Know Which Stories/Or Partial Stories are Your Favorites

You May Vote Up To 3 Times, for 3 Different Pieces, but No Voting For Your Own

Also, You Will Need to Have Your Own Blog, and/or Website, in order to Vote

This Helps us to Keep The Voting a Bit More Lagit, and Accurate

Here Is The Page Link To All The Submissions TDG Create A World

Thanks for Your Votes



42 Responses to “Create A World Writing Contest – Reader’s Choice Award Voting”

  1. Voting done! Good luck to everyone.

  2. I think it’s great to have a Reader’s Choice Award. Each entry is certainly worth reading. We have a lot of writing talent here and should showcase it as much as possible.

  3. Good Luck everyone!! Let’s get this voting on!!

  4. Thank you for letting me submit! Everyone is so talented!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Emily Guido

  5. Hope I am not to late with my votes – work got in the way. Good luck everyone! Anna :o]

  6. Reblogged this on Life With Blondie and commented:
    My entry is Number 18. I sure hope you will take a minute and check it out…

  7. When does the readers voting stop DJ.

  8. I have just finished reading the stories and have cast my vote! I only voted for one as I wanted to challenge myself to be decisive and discriminating! How did other people judge? I first read through each and then narrowed it down to 10 based on the opening hook.

    Following this I gave the remaining stories a mark out of ten for each of the following areas;
    – Imagination inspiration (how well the language managed to create a world in my li’l old brain!)
    – Moreishness (was I kept enthralled and wanting to know more throughout?)
    – Characterisation
    – Endings (I looked for revelations/cliff-hangers/ending inevitability)
    – Sentences, grammar and punctuation (I am a teacher after all)

    I really enjoyed reading the entries: some stories were hilarious, others moving and then there were the ones that just made me want to know more! A hard day of GCSE moderating may have made me take the reader vote a little too seriously!

    Thanks to all the writers for entertaining me this evening.

    xx GnG xx

    • It must have been a hard job getting them down to one.

      Sentences, grammar and punctuation, well thats me out then 😆

      • Which one was yours? I didn’t even look at the authors! Maybe I should have had a category for authors and titles…. It’s a complicated job!

        • NO. 4, let my know what you think because i have an idea for another story, SI-FI as well 🙂

          • I really like your ideas and the plot points you establish.
            I’d like a little more description of those things we can’t always imagine as readers; the unnerving expression of the guards around John as he waits, the clinical smell in the room he is taken to, the icy sting of the metal table on his hand as he waits.

            Too much description can be a pain to wade through but I find description of the senses can add to the tension.

            Don’t listen to me though, I don’t know anything! The piece I submitted was too complicated an excerpt really but hey, it’s all about the fun of writing isn’t it?!

            • I take your points, but i wanted to end the story at that point to leave the readers in limbo and let the readers imagine what went on in the room at the time of transfer and how he felt after it.
              But i can use your points in my next story if i get it finished.

              • What’s it about? Or is it a secret? I’ve been watching ‘Fringe’ season one recently and I’m really interested in parallel universes and dystopian worlds!

                How long a story is it? It’d be interesting to write about a variety of characters who all experience the same situation and the different ways they handle it!

                Have you got any writing tips? I’m struggling with endings… either they get too complicated or they are too cliche… Any tips?

  9. Have you got any advice to share with me? 😀

  10. Voted! Such a hard decision to make, being torn between so many great stories. Good luck to everyone.


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