Book Review: The Silver Door

by quillwielder

Emily Rodda’s latest book, The Silver Door, is the second book in her Three Doors Trilogy. The first book, The Golden Door, was released last year and I was lucky enough to meet Emily during the Melbourne Writer’s Festival where she signed my copy of the book. The Golden Door started off the series in the City of Weld where the citizens are being attacked by bird creatures called Skimmers. Rye’s brothers, Dirk and Sholto, leave the city to search for the source of the Skimmer attacks. Rye soon decides to find his brothers and is faced with three doors; gold, silver and wooden. Rye picks the golden door, which is what Dirk would have picked, and soon sets off on his adventure.

The Silver Door continues Rye’s journey. He has found Dirk with the help of Sonia and it is time for them to enter the Silver Door to find Sholto. I must say I was excited when this book came out. I’d been waiting and walked into my bookstore just to see what was there and was pleasantly surprised to find it had been released. Naturally I bought it right away and spent the first few days of my holiday reading it.

The Silver Door is just as thrilling as The Golden Door. You are thrown into a new mystery with new challenges. I just love the way this story drives you into new situations. Every situation holds clues to the overall story. You have to pay attention to what’s happening and you really do want to pay attention. I found it hard to put this book down.

The character relationships are really great in this book. I like them better than the last. With the addition of Rye’s brother Dirk to the group adds a nice counter voice to Sonia. The pair argue a lot during the book which adds good opinions and contrast; it also gives Rye the chance to take control of situations and become more of a leader.

This book really does develop the characters more than the first, though this is normal as first books are more about getting the story started and everything introduced. I like getting straight into the action in this book, where the first one spent a lot of time setting up the world, characters and problem. I know it has to be done and I do love The Golden Door still, but The Silver Door I found more exciting.

The Third installment, The Wooden Door, is released in October 2012, I have heard. I can’t wait to see what happens when Rye finally gets to go through the door he’s been waiting for. Definitely check out this series. Emily Rodda’s books aren’t just for kids, adults will enjoy them too.

Read my Review of the first book, The Golden Door, Here.


5 Responses to “Book Review: The Silver Door”

  1. Awesome Quill, Thanks


  2. Amazing review and actually has me interested in getting into them.

  3. My best friend’s name is Dirk. We’ve been friends since we were kids… never heard his name anywhere else and now its suddenly every where! Funny how that works. Good review, I think I’m gonna check this series out…


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