And The Dark Globe Create A World Writing Conest Winners Are!!!

by darkjade68

The Waiting is Over!!

And The Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest Winners Are!!!

First The Reader’s Choice… This was a Very Competitive Award, and in the End, I’ve Decided to Give Out 4 “Reader’s Choice Awards”… But, there is a “Grand Poobah, and that is Harry

Congratulations Harry, This “Customized” Version of the “Reader’s Choice Award” is Just for you…




The Other 3 Winners Are!!

Ace ‘Pete With Submission #2

Gerry Ainger With Submission #5

And NochNoch With Submission #28

Congratulations to The 4 of you, Reader’s Really Seemed to Like Your Work!!

You May Now Proudly Place The “Reader’s Choice Award” on Your Blog, or Website, if you have one…

On To The Official Judges Choice Winners





First Place Goes To An Evil Nymph for Submission #26

Congratulations Evil Nymph, You are The Grand Prize Winner of Our First Ever “Create A World Writing Contest”!!

You May Now Proudly Place This Award Badge Upon Your Blog or Website, if you have one!!




Second Place Goes To Laura Pfundt (Quill Wielder) Submission #14

Congratulations, You Have Come in Second Place, Great Job!!

You May Now Proudly Place Your Award Badge on Your Blog!






Third Place Goes To Yachna Tyagi For Submission #30

Congratulations Yachna, You Have Come in Third Place, Great Job!!

You May Now Proudly Place Your Award Badge on Your Blog or Website!





We Also Had a Couple People Who Came Very Close To Third Place, and I Feel they Shouldn’t Walk Away Empty Handed…

I wasn’t Able to Track Down Kirsty Our Award Badge Designer in Time, So I Juanted Out and Got you Some “Honorably Mentioned Flowers” for Your Blog or Website…

They are Anna For Submission #8 And Anthony for Submission #20

Excellent Job, You Almost Caught Yachna!!

I Want to Thank All of The Writers for Their Submissions, The Truth is Both The “Reader’s Choice”, and the “Judged Awards” were all Very Competitive… We Loved Reading All of Your Writing, and Hope to see More of it in the Future.

Special Thanks To Our Judges Lorna, Shannon, Michael Cargill, Mark and Kirsty for Putting Out so much Effort in Reading Our 36 Submissions, as well as Each Putting So Much Thought into your Rankings… I Would Have Gone Mad doing it all by Myself… I Humbly Thank You…

And Last, but Not Least, Thank You To All The Readers who took the Time to Read The Writer’s Work, Vote, Click Like and Comment… It’s Great that they could see all of your Reactions to their Work.

Congratulations to All Winners!!


42 Responses to “And The Dark Globe Create A World Writing Conest Winners Are!!!”

  1. Congratualtions Harry – well done!

  2. Congratulations to all winners – well done!

    Anna :o]

  3. Reblogged this on The Quill Wielder and commented:

    I came in Second Place!! Congrats to everyone else who entered!

  4. Oh my… thank you…wow… Yay, second place!
    Congrats to everyone else who entered. Great job!

  5. Congrats to all the winners! I had a great time reading the entries and I just wanted to be really cheeky and say well done to submission #9 “The Great Inditionator” by Monique Nagel which was the one I voted for… I LOVED your story, it made me smile! If you have a blog send me a link and with your permission I’d love to reblog your story maybe with a comment from you?

    I’ll definitely have to up my game next time and will be using all the entries for inspiration!

    Thanks TDG! Looking forward to finding out what’s next!

  6. Congratulations to all the winners! This was fun! I look forward to more! 😀

  7. Congratulations one and all. I was thoroughly impressed with the writing talent I saw and, in my opinion, everyone is a winner for writing and submitting to this contest.

    Special kudos to the winners. Your imagination and ability to draw us into the world you created was truly remarkable.

    And lastly a BIG thank you to DarkJade who organized and ran this contest. He is one energetic and organized writer/blogger/all-around-great-guy!

  8. Congratulations to everyone 🙂 !!

  9. Congrats everyone who entered! Thoroughly enjoyed reading them all!

  10. Do you mean i came top of the readers choice ?????

  11. Congratulations to all the winners! I enjoyed reading every one.

  12. OMG I still can’t believe it! Thank you and congrats to the other winners!! ;D

  13. I would like to say congrats to all the other winners, i forgot to say it earlier , i was in shock 🙂

  14. Well done everyone, thanks to who read my submission and voted for me. 🙂

  15. I came close to 3rd place? 😯 That’s amazing considering all the great submissions, I have to say thanks to everyone! I shall show off those wonderful flowers with pride.
    Congratulations to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners and the Reader’s Chosen! 😀

  16. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you so much to DarkJade for always coming up with awesome things like this 😀

  17. Congratulations Everyone 🙂


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