Poem: Life’s A Bitch.

by Harry

Poem: Life’s A Bitch.

I bought a car some years ago.
I liked the colour and its logo.
It started to go wrong and then got sick.
Its gone through the crusher, its scrap.

Life’s a bitch

You get up in the morning to face the day.
Set of to work to do your best deeds.
Work hard all week and all goe’s well.
Then on friday your handed your notice.

Life’s a bitch

I went for a walk on a road where i live.
It was cloudy but warm so i went on for a while.
The drizzle started then the heavens opened.
When i got home i was soaked to the skin.

Life’s a bitch.

You go with your mates for a good night out.
You ask a girl if she would like to dance.
She turns her back and talks to her friends.
Boy what a downer, you feel like shit.

Life’s a bitch

Young people go to school to better themselves.
To get a good job, big house and a car.
They do the homework and study very hard.
Then after the exams, they bloody well fail.

Life’s a bitch

You work all you life and pay all your tax.
Buy goods all your life you pay more damn tax.
Save money for your old age you pay more bloody tax.
At last you dead and can rest, no way, your funeral is taxed.

Life’s a bitch.

Writing this has give me great inspiration.
But also filled me with deep constipation.
I’ll take a pill and it will work it fine.
Then i’ll be able to get back on-line.

Life’s a bitch

My first attempt at writing a poem.
I really hope you like it.
I’m sorry if you did not.
Life’s a bitch.


4 Comments to “Poem: Life’s A Bitch.”

  1. too funny … it sounds a bit tongue and cheek … although, quite true.
    Perhaps, it’s best since “Life’s a Bitch”
    hahaha …..

  2. Oh don’t worry I like it a lot! And that’s not bad at all for a first poem 🙂 it really talks of what you feel about life and I believe that poems are all about conveying feelings to the readers.

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