Diablo III Beta Review

by quillwielder

Last weekend Diablo 3 was available for users in an open Beta. Players had the chance to play the first main quest of the game and try out each of the 5 classes. My boyfriend and his twin brother both spent their weekend playing. Both have played previous Diablo games and were very excited to have the chance to play it.

Diablo 2 was released in 2000 and it’s taken 12 years for Blizzard to produce another in the Diablo series. But clearly it has been worth the wait with the graphics getting a major face lift (see the difference between the games below). The 3D graphics give the game a whole new depth and feeling of a big world.

Diablo 2 (2000)
Diablo 3 (2012)

The gameplay and menus have similar parts and others have been changed completely like the character classes and skill trees. There are 5 classes: Witch Doctor, Wizard, Barbarian. Monk, Demon Hunter. Each has a male or female option.

Only the Witch Doctor still uses Mana, which refills very quickly. The Wizard uses Arcane Power to cast spells. The Demon Hunter draws on two powers, Hatred and Discipline. The Barbarian and the Monk have Fury and Spirit, which build up when the character performs hits and can be used to trigger powerful skills.

There are no health potions this time around. Your character will replenish their health by collecting the red health orbs dropped by enemies. There are health potions, but you can only use them after long cooldown and in emergencies.

The boys also had a go at the online multi-player. Random people can join your game and help you out or you can just have your friends to help you. The screen is very cluttered with baddies, players and treasures, but it doesn’t bother you much. I do like that whatever loot you do see on the screen is yours; each player has their own loot and doesn’t have to worry about fighting others over what appears.

Overall this Beta test has given the fans a taste of the up-and-coming game and they want more. I suspect Diablo 3 will be met with the same enthusiasm as Skyrim.

Diablo 3 is released on the 15 of May 2012 in Australia.


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