How to Write a Review

by quillwielder

To me writing a book or film or game review should be simple: What you liked and what you didn’t. But let’s dive in a bit deeper into all the aspects you can add. I’ll be writing this from a book review prospective.

First thing is the Title. You need to tell the reader what you’re reviewing. This can range from the simple: Book Review: The Hunger Games, which the way I choose to write my titles. But some people prefer to come up with something witty: Adam survives “The Hunger Games” (this is actually a review of the film on a site called The Aristocrat which run by some friends of mine. Worth checking out).

Next I’d suggest and Introduction where you would talk about who the author is and what the book is about. Many people just put the blurb of the book, which enough to describe it, but I like to describe a book in my own words. You can add some information about the author and other works they have done or if the book is part of a series, you can talk about what previously happened in the series which can be good if people haven’t read the whole series.

Now comes the time when you write your Review, eg. your thoughts and feelings.

Here are some things you should include when writing your review:

  • The genre and theme (eg. romance, horror, fantasy)
  • Point of view (first, second, third)
  • What parts did you like about the story and why? (why is very important you can’t just say “I like the characters”. You need to explain tot he reader why the characters were good, what was it about them that made you want to keep reading)
  • What parts didn’t you like about the story and why? (It’s important here to speak the truth but not be completely cruel. I find, like in critiquing someone’s work, if you have something bad to say about their work then you should also include the reason why and how you think it could have been improved. Constructive criticism).
  • An Overall Summary of the book including the most important points and finishing touches.

You should include a picture of the book’s cover so people will be able to recognise it and if it is a kindle book, a link to where it can be downloaded. Any other links you find important such a link to the author’s site or other reviews can be helpful.

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