The Avengers Is Here

by darkjade68

The Avengers Is Here!!

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And My Latest Going Viral Post About Tom Hiddleston Here Going Viral Tom Hiddleston

Nuff Said


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4 Comments to “The Avengers Is Here”

  1. Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t seen Iron Man, Thor, Captain America? The only one I did watch was The Amazing Hulk. Got some cathcing up to do, The Avengers looks good.

    • Thor is Awesome, Iron Man is Great, Second Iron Man is Good, Captain America was ok, but it didn’t stick with me really… Even though he was My Favorite Character as a kid… The only one I haven’t seen, is the New Hulk, Lol


  2. The wife & I are going to check this out this weekend! My expectations are high so I’m hoping I won’t be disappointed, but I’ve been reading some positive reviews so fingers crossed!!

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