P is for Peace

by Patrick Dykie


     A few months ago I posted a little fun exercise here at the Dark Globe called “M is for Magnificent.” It was a game, used to help us take a look inside ourselves. What you do is pick any letter of the alphabet. Today I’m choosing the letter (P). You then write down words which start with the letter you chose, and then complete a sentence including that word. The last time I learned a lot about myself. The key is to be honest, open, and allow the words to just flow out of your mind. Try not to have any preconceived ideas. What you write can be about anything. Nothing you write is too trivial. Don’t worry if something sounds a little silly. Being a little silly or seeing humor in life may be a part of you, and it is a good thing. What you write may be happy thoughts or it could be things that make you sad. You may even dredge up some past hurts or injustices. That’s also okay.Who we are and what we are yet to become are an accumulation of all our experiences whether good or bad. Some of you may even want to wax philosophical, and delve into the meaning of life.You may even impart some wisdom which you’ve picked up along the way, and want to pass on. Good luck with your own exercises.


Peace in the world will only be found if we first find peace in the deepest parts of our souls.

Pray not for things or for achievement, but for the strength to use your abilities to achieve great things.

People may look and sound different, and come in varying shapes and sizes, but inside we are all the same.


Pursuing your dreams is fine. Just be careful that you don’t turn them into nightmares.

Predicting the future is impossible, but shaping the future by our actions now, is always possible.

Prized are the material things we possess, but priceless are the people we love.


Pity, not the man who has climbed a mountain and fallen, but instead, pity the man who has stood below and feared to climb.

Pillars rise in beauty and grace high above the ground, but they could not stand without solid foundations beneath them.

Prisons of brick and stone are terrible places, but sometimes the worst prisons are those we lock our hearts, and minds in. 


Paupers have become princes, and princes have become kings, but the only thing that has changed is that the kings no longer sit on the streets, but upon a throne.

Prettiness and beauty are often seen and appreciated more by the blind, than by those who can see.

Prosecuting others is another way of prosecuting yourself. Look at yourself before you judge others.  


Perched high above everyone else allows us to view the word below, but be careful, for even an eagle can suffer a broken wing and plummet back to earth.

Philosophers spend all their time thinking of things. The rest of us also spend our time thinking; thinking about our jobs, the economy, taking care of our families, and the future. Does that make us all philosophers?

Poets know how to take all the immensity, beauty and wonder of the universe and package them into a few simple words. Now that is a special gift.


Plow horses never get the credit they’re due. They are like so many people is this world. They may not be sleek, and swift racehorses, but they are sure-footed and steady. At the end of the day the fields are plowed, and they rest knowing tomorrow will bring another field.

Pulpits should never be placed so as to look down on those receiving a lesson. The higher the pulpit the harder they are to climb up on, and the easier they are to tip over.

Pull your own weight in life. If it seems too much for you, then either lose some of the weight or get married. Just be sure to marry a strong person.


Puzzles are a lot like life. They are often made up of many pieces. Which piece are you and how to you fit into the puzzle?

Pyramids were built as monuments to the lives of mere men. A good soul is what should be built as a monument to God.

Paradise is sometimes only a matter of perspective. One man may see paradise in wealth, power, and recognition. Another man may glance at his wife, and find it there.


Palaces are for those who live to rule. Houses are for those who live by rules. Maybe we should all live in houses.

Purpose is important in our lives. It is different, special and unique for each of us. The hard part is finding what our purpose is. 

Praise those around you, give credit to others, and take a step back from the spotlight. You may soon find to your surprise that people will begin praising you.


2 Responses to “P is for Peace”

  1. Profound is the author of this post. Very evocative, Patrick. I loved them all. The one that gave me pause the longest was “Pursuing your dreams is fine. Just be careful that you don’t turn them into nightmares.”

    We often say the well-meaning, but often trite, encouragement of “follow your dream.” But we never stop to think about what the person’s dream might be–to get high, to live off their parents for the rest of their life, to get revenge for some real or perceived wrong done to them. Not all “dreams” are wholesome (in the Buddhist sense of helping a person move toward enlightenment and away from pain).


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