Songs From A Friend

by darkjade68

As some of you May, or May Not Know, back at the end of December of 2011, After 3 1/2 Months of “Whole Heartedly” getting back into Writing after a 4 1/2 years of Not Writing, I Created A 4th Blog that was Completely for those times (Generally after Midnight) that I just didn’t feel like Writing, and would Often Listen to Music… So I Created Dark Xperience as a Blog where I would Post Some Trance Music Videos…

Not that Trance is the only type of Music I like, it definitely isn’t, but it is something I often find myself listening to Late At Night… When I not only don’t want to Write, but I generally don’t want to Hear Lyrics Either, Lol…

Anyway, this Post isn’t about that Blog, but what it is about is My Greatest Fan on that Site ended up being a Great Friend, and She often Replies with Links of Songs she Likes… Also, she often on her Twitter, Links Songs she likes as well, as well as Often Linking My DarkX Posts, which I really Appreciate.

Nuff Said, I just wanted to Share with you some Songs She Posted in her Twitter Today

Not only do I like the Songs, but The Second One has a Pretty Cool Video

Sunrise Avenue – Hollywood Hills

Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound (Check Out This Video)

The Naked And The Famous – Punching In A Dream

You Can Check out Heloise’s Blog Here Pure Energy (Which is in French, but there is a Translator at the Bottom Right of the Posts)

Or Follow Her At Twitter Here @HeloiseDS

Thanks for Reading/Listening/Watching




12 Comments to “Songs From A Friend”

  1. Hey DarkJade! THank You, my True Friend, you are awesome!
    I do love your DarkXperience blog, it’s such a great idea and it helps me work further on my writing or just sit, relax, enjoying a cup of tea 😉
    Anyway, the video by Swedish House Mafia is just so cool! I saw them last summer at Tomorrowland, but when I saw this video today, I just had to share it, so thanks for sharing it even further!
    It’s a total mix of styles, but I do like so many different kind of songs 🙂

    Enjoy The Music…

    • Tea? How European?? No… How English?? Ha, Nah, how “Zen”

      You are Welcome, these are some Great Songs, I’ve heard at least 2 of them before, probably on My Pandora Trance Channel

      The “Swedish House Mafia” Video is Bad A$$, Love It

      Thanks for Following Dark Xperience, I Think Your ReTweets and Tweets of My Posts have brought in some More Followers Actually… Which is Cool


      • How Zen, yes I like that 😉

        My pleasure DJ! I’ve tweeted a new video by SHM, pretty good too but not as bad a* as this one 😉

        • Really Like both of the one’s you Tweeted by them, I’ve heard em both, and May have Used at least one, if not both, on some of My DarkX Stuff… Didn’t realize I had become a “Swedish House Mafia” Fan… I’ll have to do a Post with a bunch of their stuff, including those two and the one above

          Thanks for the Shares and Heads Up H


          • Me neither. They were at the Tomorrow Land Festival last summer and I heard a few of their sets but I didn’t know they had done all these cool songs. It’s only by searching the song on line the other day that I found that out and realized I had bookmarked a few of their stuffs in 2 days : )

  2. Yep, I went by earlier, it helps me to type work faster Lol but there wasn’t anything new, so I’m re-listening old stuffs, it’s good too 🙂 we can all be freaking busy 😉

    • I have been Freaken Busy, Lol… And a bit Blue for a few days I will Admit… But am doing better now… I’ve got one half ready for the SHM one, but not sure that will be the next one I Post… Perhaps a Whole New Set of Songs… We shall see


      • Hum, a surprise then ? 😉
        So keep on feeling yellow then! or white, or light, or…

        • I Think yer goina like this Next Set… This Song I’m Listening to right now is one of My Favorites yet… It’s a Blend of a Song I’ve heard before, but set to a Really Cool Beat

          Hmm, Feelen a bit “Green” Actually, Lol… And I don’t mean Sick, I mean “Creative” Lol Green = Life right?

          Worken on Three things at the Moment, My New DarkX, a Story Post for My Written Word Blog, and My Reply to your DarkX Reply, Hee Hee


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