Book Review: Torn

by quillwielder

So I finally got around to reading the second book in Amanda Hocking’s Switched Series: Torn. You can read my review of the first book: Switched here.

Torn continues on from the previous book with the protagonist Wendy having run away from her Trylle palace where she found out she was a princess. She just wants to go back to her normal life with her human brother, Matt. Wendy brings along, Rhys, who is actually Matt’s real sibling as Wendy and Rhys were switched at birth per the Trylle ways.

Wendy’s reunion is cut short when she is kidnapped along with the boys and taken to the Vittra (another community of Trolls who are at war with the Trylle) where she meets Loki.

Wendy has a lot to deal with in this installment of Hocking’s series. Kidnapping; being stuck around Finn who she loves but can’t be with; learning to control her powers; being the prefect princess; being forced to marry someone she doesn’t love; and also having feelings for her enemy Loki.

Life is hard for Wendy, but she learns to deal with everything that is thrown her way. She grows up in this book, but mostly this one felt like a ‘filler’ to lead us into the final book: Ascend, which I plan to read soon. It felt like Hocking was just introducing all the problems that will be later resolved in book three.

I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy Torn because I did. I always enjoy Amanda Hocking’s work (except for Hollowmen, I did a review on it but I don’t think people should even read that. I really didn’t like the book, but feel free to find the review if you want). I did however notice how undeveloped her writing feels after reading Starters by Lissa Price (click link to read that review). I know Hocking wrote some books and self-published them and people loved them. I love them, but you can notice the difference in writing style and I see why she wasn’t picked up by publishers until after she made millions, the books could still need some work perhaps, but you can’t argue with the millions of people who have bought her books the way they are.

Torn is worth the read for those who love urban fantasy and love triangles. Amanda Hocking remains my hero for realising success in self-publishing. She inspires so many and gives us hope that we can also make it in the writing industry.Keep a look out for my review on the third and final installment in the series: Ascend.

3 Responses to “Book Review: Torn”

  1. She is my hero for all she did for self publishing as well


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