Dark Globe Featured Novel: Chess With Agatha

by darkjade68

The Dark Globe Featured Novel;

Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress Of Doom

by DarkJade/James Mahoney

My Writing History;

When I was pretty young, maybe somewhere between 9 and 11, I started to Write a Fantasy Novel Called “One Knight.

At some point I showed what I had Written to My Dad (Who I didn’t grow up with, but saw several times a year), and he said “This is really Good”.

And ever since then, he’s considered, and talked to me as if I am a Writer… Even when I pursued Film Making in 2000-2003, and got a Short Film into a New York Film Festival… And took him out to New York with me to see it, he still referred to me as a “Writer“.

Well, it was during the time I was working on My Own Short Films that I did indeed realize, that I am indeed a “Writer”, not just a “Film Director”.

And when I say I’m a “Writer”, I’m not saying I’m a “Good” Writer (That’s really a Matter of Taste and Personal Opinion)… I’m just saying, I’m a “Writer”.

With this in mind, it made it pretty easy to switch from “Film Making” to “Screenplay Writing” from 2003-2005… And truth be known, I really enjoyed it.

As many of you may, or may not know, I took a “Break” from Writing from 2006-2011… It wasn’t a planned break, but it just kind of happened. But in August of last year, I started My The Written Word Blog, and have been Writing ever since…

But this was the first time (Other than I was a Kid), that I actually started to Pursue “Novel Writing“…

In reality, it began with “Poetry” (Which lead to Self Publishing a Poetry Book) and “Editorials” (Which lead to the Creation of The Dark Globe), both of which I thoroughly enjoy Writing…

This also lead to the Creation of My “One Knight” Blog, which was to be a place that I “Exclusively” Worked on My Childhood Novel, “One Knight” (I also had Two Guest Writers that worked on their own Creative Writing on this Site, to add Variety to the Site… Pdk and Ace ‘Pete).

And so I would go on to Write many Chapters (Chapters are often Shorter than they would be in a Book, for the sake of Shorter Posts) of “One Knight”, and was actually pretty happy with the results.

How/When I Began Writing “Chess With Agatha”;

But come December, after some 4 Months of returning to Writing, I suddenly found myself wanting to Write a “Brand New Fantasy” Novel, and thus Conceived what I call “Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress Of Doom”.

But as it was December, and to a degree I was in 2nd Gear (Which basically meant Writing 800 Words a Day on Average, as opposed to 1,000-1,100) as far as Writing went, in order to allow myself to thoroughly enjoy the Holidays, which are Very Important to me…

I Decided that I would put the starting of this New Fantasy Novel on Hold until “January, 2012″… As, to a degree, a way to Break into the New Year.

Which also lead me to putting “One Knight” on hold, even though I really like how it is coming… This New Concept had grabbed my full attention from the inside, and thus I would give myself to it, and see where it took me.

One other thing I should Note, is the reason I “Tagged” “And The Dark Fortress Of Doomon to the end of the Title was, something I had noticed about a lot of “Fantasy Novels”, is the Titles often seem like they take their selves a “Bit Too Serious”…

That’s just my opinion of course, but I did find it to be a bit of a distraction/turn off, as far as actually picking one up with such a Title.

So as a slightly “Playful” Play on this, I tagged this “Take Myself Too Serious” end to the Title, Lol… Perhaps it’s not a good move, but in truth, the other reason I did it is to prove, that no matter what the Title of a Book is, if the “Writing is Good”, in the end, No One Will Give A “Sh#@!” what the Title is, Lol

I always use “Shawshank Redemption” as My Example of this… Though this is a “Film”, and not a Book (However it is based on a Short Story by Stephen King)… The Point is the same… And in truth, I didn’t see “Shawshank Redemption” in the Theaters because the Name was just Horrible… And I regret it, as it is now My 3rd All Time Favorite Film, right behind the First Two Star Wars Films, of course, Lol.

The Prologue;

And now without Further Ado, The Prologue to Chess With Agatha, which I actually Posted Back in December on My The Written Word Site, as a way to let people know what I was going to be Working on and Posting in the New Year.

I’ve Also Included a Music Video that I recommend you play while reading the Prologue, to kind of set the mood.

Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress Of Doom

A Fantasy Novel by James Mahoney

Copyright © 2012 James Mahoney

DarkJade Publishing


“No One Loves The Fool…”

“No, Indeed Not”

“But I shall Change This…”

“It Is Within My  Power to Change This”

A Young Girl Sits alone in the Dark Morning Light, of an abandoned apartment Full of trash filled boxes… Trash to her that is… Remnants of a Former Life… Of a Life… No more

Her Hair Long and Golden… Eyes so Blue, it Hurts the Sea

To Herself… She Speaks

“For The Sake of Verse… I shall call him… Agamemnon…”

“And Every Day when the Sun Cracks The Sky… He comes…”

“His Coming is Sharply Marked by the Limp and Slide of his Injured Leg… And the Tap of  his Black Cherry Wood Cane…”

“And When The Door Cracks… “Agatha” he says… “Come”

“And Everyday I walk Beside Him… Never catching his eyes… No… He would not allow… I merely watch his Foot Slide, and his Cane Tap… “Tap…” “Tap…” “Tap…”

And Then the Voices began to Come… Like Bees In My Head… They Will Not Relent

“You Shall Need a Knight… “TWO KNIGHTS!!” the Voice corrects itself

“You Shall Need a Magician… “TWO!! TWO YOU FOOL!!” it corrects itself again

And then Agamemnon speaks to me… But not with words… Nor Does he Gaze my way

“There is… Another Life Agatha…” he speaks within my mind.

“A Much… Harder Life”

“Tell Me” I say out loud without thinking… And he stops just in front of my school…

Turns… And looks at me

His Eyes are Dark… And Deep

“There will be no turning back…. You must be sure” he says, but does not speak.

“Please Tell me Elias…” I speak his True Name.

“Very Well… But first you must Play Me A Game…”


At This Point I am on Chapter 22 of This Fantasy Novel, the Chapters Range from 500 to 1,200 Words, probably averaging round 700 Words Each.

You’re Welcome To Check them out Below

I Hope to Finish Writing, Get Edited, Find and Have Designed a Book Cover, and Self Publish This Book by the Fall.

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening


PICTURE CREDITS – The Blue Wizard, The Jester, Red And Blue Forest, Dragon Riders, Dracula’s Castle

Chapter One – The Protector

Chapter Two – Another Life

Chapter 2.5 – Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Chapter Three – Check

Chapter Four – Hunting for Unicorns

Chapter Five – The Coming of Agatha

Chapter 5.5  – A Fool’s Heart

Chapter Six – Table Manners

Chapter Seven – Elias

Chapter Eight – West Bound

Chapter Nine – Red And Blue Forest

Chapter X – Yokade Labyrinth

Chapter XI – Vanishing Sky

Chapter XII – The Curse

Chapter XIII – The Minotaur Orft

Chapter XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chapter XV – The Final Piece

Chapter XVI – Agatha Rising

Chapter XVII – The Dragon Truth

Chapter XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chapter XIX – The Stand In King

Chapter XX – The Game

Chapter XXI – Infiltrate

Chapter XXII – Into The Belly of The Beast

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  1. Oh man, so glad I stumbled across your blog. Frikkin’ love this shit!

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