Camp NaNo Plotting

by quillwielder

As you know I’ve been talking about Camp NaNo a bit here on The Dark Globe. I’m entering in the June camp next month and I’ve been working on my plot and other ideas for my novel.

I’m sure a lot of people who decide to do NaNo have already got ideas in their mind of what sort of story they want to do.

The rules of NaNo say that you can do as much plotting and character development as you wish before the event, you’re just not allowed to write the story.

My question is: How much plotting do you do beforehand?

Some people are religious with the way they plan out their whole novel from start to finish so they know exactly what to write when the time comes. They know the character’s entire life stories, how they will act and react in every scene and what will happen to them in the end.

Others think too much plotting will spoil the story for them. These people do a little planning; a basic idea, some characters, some scenes perhaps; but ultimately they want to come up with the rest as they go along.

And then there are those who do no planning whatsoever and write the first thing they think of when NaNo begins. They let the story guide them and appear in inspirational bursts.

Which one are you when it comes to writing?

For me I tend to be a little bit of all three. The first novel I ever finished was one I wrote without a plan at all. Everyday I sat down and let my characters take me on their journey.

I suppose I’m usually the middle type of plotter. I prefer to come up with a basic  idea, some characters and perhaps how I want it to begin and end, but the rest of the story I like to see how it pans out.

As for June NaNo I feel like I’m slowly becoming the first type of plotter. I’ve had this idea that I really wanted to write, but June seems a while away and I keep planning the scenes and the characters and everything is going to happen because I’m so excited. But I think I’ll end up not wanting to write it once June comes around because I will have done too much planning.

I’ll end up bailing on the idea and coming up with something off the top of my head.


4 Responses to “Camp NaNo Plotting”

  1. I tend to Conceive Ideas, Characters, The Beginning, The End-ish, and Some Scenes… If I was to do a NaNo, I would Probably Plan it out a bit more… Just Chapter Titles and Characters a bit…

    But for the most part, My Stories/Characters Lead Me Down the Path of the Story.

    Whether you Stick with the one you Plan for, or Start Something from Scratch doesn’t really Matter… In My Opinion, it’s all about your “Own Personal Enjoyment”.

    So, Do what you want, Lol

    If you’re worried about Burning Yourself out by Planning too much, either just “Plan The First Half”, and let nature take its Course on the Second Half… Or just do what I do, and Write The Names of The Chapters, which Generally give you a “Basic Guideline” of the Story, without Fleshing it at all, which you’ll get to do in June… And Maybe Write Down some Characters, and Character Descriptions… And that’s about it, Lol

    I Came Up with My Fantasy Novel Idea in December, and Waited Until January to start it… Which was Exciting… But I had the Holidays to Distract me, and The Dark Globe Artist Awards during December… So I didn’t go “Too Crazy” wanting to Start it.

    Good Luck Quill


  2. When I did the November nano, I retrieved loads of notes and pages I had written over the years. The story was in my head. So my prep was to put it all into some sort of order, edit and rewrite parts. When I started my story started completely different to what I prepared, but the story started fall into place. I created characters that also fitted well. What I did do was made up up a few separated documents with a list of characters and their personalities etc. And chapters where they first appeared. Another document with brief outlines of each chapter. And finally a third document with a place names and chapters they appeared and any relevant notes that could be recalled on. This help me to keep all my scenes relevant and it’s continuity. I am a person who use to type until my ideas stop, or I would ramble, so I had to check myself some times. Hope I have been a little help..good luck.. I might do the August. definitely the November one again…;)

  3. Personally I already have lots of ideas roaming around and one month before the challenge I pick one and start dreaming and noting down and planning 🙂 with lots of colourful papers and notebooks and phone reminders! hehe and for this year I’d do the August one because I have exams in June.


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