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May 15, 2012

Working for a living

by endlessthinker

Antipolo, Marihatag,
Surigao del Sur, Philippines

When a person sweat out, the sweat does not only contain body fluids but also has a small amount of blood, a professor of mine once told us. Whether this is a truth maybe debatable. However, those people who grind everyday for subsistence, to continue to live and to feed their families, are the ones involved in most manual labors.

That man in the picture tries to catch small fishes, collect seashells or anything from the tidal flat which he could sell. He does this under the burning heat of the sun until that area is flooded by seawater. A huge low tide similar to that one in the picture is believed to occur less than ten times in a month. So imagine a very limited time these people have to catch or collect something they could sell out for them to buy food, for their families to live. This man is an example of a person who does manual labor. Persons who are often marginalized, left behind or forgotten by the society, the ones whom many do not even know the difficulty of life they go through every time the sun rises and each day they struggle to live.

I dedicate this photo to all the laborers in the world. I salute you all!