The Marketing List

by quillwielder

I originally wrote this on my blog, but felt it was relevant to all writers out there.

I decided to create and add to, when needed, a Marketing List. Basically a list of things you can do to market your novel to the world. This is a great list of things I have gathered though reading people’s experiences, googling, and just my own plans.

I’ve broken the marketing up into three categories at the moment.

The Marketing List


  • Create a website for book
  • Create a page for you book on various social sites (eg. facebook, twitter, book blogs, good reads, etc.)
  • Advertise on my blog
  • Get the help of fellow blogs/ friends to advertise your novel on their site (also works with social sites, see dot point two)
  • Hold a virtual book launch
  • Have free chapters available to read
  • Quote your book on your blog/ book site
  • Give teasers, hints from book or next book in series on blog/ novel site
  • Hold competitions on your blog/ novel site with your book as the theme or prize (get creative!)
  • Start an email newsletter with news on your book’s progress
  • Book tours
  • Give away free books/ merchandise
  • Send mass-emails to everyone you know telling them about your book


  • Create bookmarks, postcard, business cards, posters, etc.
  • Then get these into books stores, hand them out, etc.
  • Talk to independent books stores and get my book in there
  • Talk to libraries, schools etc about getting the book in there
  • Word of mouth
  • Give away free books/ merchandise
  • Get in contact with papers or magazines and convince them to review the book
  • Talk to book bloggers and get more reviews.
  • Ask friends and family to review your book and post it on amazon, smashswords, etc.

Well that’s the list so far. I will continue to add to this on my own blog under “How to Market your Novel” so keep an eye out.

P.S: My other piece of advice is to start your marketing plan early. You might have to build communications with bookstores and libraries, etc. over time before you can ask them for a favour.

You also need to build up a blogging follow base to before you go and advertise on your blog. Try to think ahead of time and start building a following now so when you do release a novel there are people you can ask to help you.

What would you add to this list?


4 Responses to “The Marketing List”

  1. I do several of these things, but there’s also several that I don’t or didn’t do… I need to do more for My Novella which hopefully I’ll be Self Publishing in June… I’ve heard of most of these things, just don’t do em all

    Thanks for the Post Quill


  2. This is extremely helpful. Thanks so much!


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