Stuck with Your Plot?

by quillwielder

One of the most common problems people have when writing their novel during NaNo is getting to a point in their plot where they don’t know what else to write.

This might not be such a big problem when you’re writing normally, but in NaNo it can mean the difference between finishing and not finishing.

Here are some things I’ve gathered that you can do to keep you writing.

  • Kill a main character.
  • Turn a minor character into a main character and start following their story.
  • Your main character finds an old letter in a library book.
  • Include an element of betrayal: someone is having an affair or has lied about their past.
  • Flip through magazines or newspaper.
  • Go people watching: sit at an outdoor café; go to the mall; ride the subway or the bus.
  • Write a list of words that are common to your genre and combine them in interesting ways to come up with titles for your chapters (dragon, castle, moat, knight). Once you have a title, create a plot twist based on that title.
  • Your character loses someone or something that is very dear to them.

What else would you add to this list?

4 Responses to “Stuck with Your Plot?”

  1. Bring in an unexpected character or twist or turn. One obvious not planned. 😉

  2. make your antgonist and protagonist work together

  3. There are many times I add in some kind of natural disaster into a story (one in particular) when it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, which in turn begins a whole new web of possibilities that the plot could follow.
    I love these writing tips, just in time to prepare for NaNoWriMo.


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