Camp NaNo Characters

by quillwielder

I’ve been doing so research into how to your characters up to scratch. I find with my writing that I’m more of a story-driven writer than a character-driven.

So this year I want to try to work more on my characters development and their interactions with each other.

Here are some great links to help you with that.

100 Characters development Questions

Character Development Worksheet

The Art of Character Development

Character Deveploment

Are your stories Character-driven or Story-driven?

10 Responses to “Camp NaNo Characters”

  1. The thought of participating in NaNo makes my head explode slightly… you are a braver person than I! Some awesome links there 😀

  2. Mine are Character Driven Stories… But The Story is Key, otherwise, Who Cares… Need to Have a Well Thought Out Storyline, and then Let Your Characters Take Over


  3. Thanks for the links! My stories tend to be character-driven. I think that’s why I’m a “pantser” more than a “plotter” – I need to understand my characters to know where their actions would lead, and I come to understand the characters by seeing what I make them do as the story unfolds! (On the other hand, I’m enough of a plotter to need to decide ahead of time where the story is going to end.)

    • Your welcome! A lot of people seem to be character-driven writers. I find myself changing as a writer to more i focus on character development and interaction than story. I think it’s making me a better writer…I hope, haha.

  4. Hmmm, character development and interaction…
    I should try that. Lol

    Honestly, I really forget that a lot when I write a story.


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