Photography: Bits of Nature

by Devina

It was almost a year now that I’ve received my baby, a Nikon Coolpix. It was love at first sight, I tell you, I take it everywhere when I could. I’ve seen people who’ve looked at photos and see nothing more than pretty pieces of paper, and it saddens me so, but I can easily forgive them because they probably don’t know the thrill of snapping a once in a lifetime shot, or the simple pleasure one experiences capturing a moment that’s yours to keep. These are just a few of my precious pics.

I’ve taken tons of photos of the sky before but this is one of my favourites. The clouds from the back window and the ones reflected on the side ones which were the reflected onto the side mirror makes this look so unreal, to me, and I could keep staring at it for hours. I was on my way home from school the day I took this, in the unfocused background are the rails on the bridge we were crossing and behind that the rusted zinc roof of a house.

The sky never fails to fascinate me. It’s like an ever changing canvas, calm blue with clouds sprinkled here and there. With dawn, comes the sun setting fire to the sleepy sky. In the evening there are a multitude of colours; pinks, purples and blues of different shades stretched across the sky, you can’t help but stop and stare for a while.

This was also taken on my way home, though it was a different day, it was raining cats and dogs earlier and so the water was higher than usual the current was rather strong. I loved the blend with the sky’s blue and the water’s green and on the left looks like a cloud. The ripples playing on the surface were so relaxing to watch. It was a beautiful day, birds chirping and circling above, cool winds, clear sky and that fresh scent that you smell after a heavy shower hung in the air.

Aren’t I pretty?

Oh, I enjoy capturing flowers too. I don’t know what this is called so I took the liberty and named it White whisper. I found it growing wildly on a fence. The whispers were soft to the touch. I loved the contrast of the delicate whites and the forest greens. This flower was so white it seemed to have been glowing!

I found these pretties sharing the fence with the White whispers. When the sun shines on these the look like they’re on fire! I don’t know their name as well and I call them Orange passion.

These were all photos of the little bits of nature, though more focused on flowers, that I’ve come to love and appreciate. These flowers and us humans have something in common; we both call the Earth our home, breathe the same air, sleep under the same sky and, even use the same oxygen and I’m happy to find that we share something with these beautiful pieces of creation. I suppose these  aren’t my best pics but I hope you liked them 🙂

(Note: These photos were originally published here and here)



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