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May 25, 2012

Dark Globe Button

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Button

Be Sure to Grab A Dark Globe Button For Your Site…

Just Copy and Paste This Code;




<div align=”center”><a href=”; title=”The Dark Globe”><img src=”; alt=”The Dark Globe” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

Onto a “TEXT” Widget, and Wola… It Will Have That Picture, and If People Click It, it will Take em to The Dark Globe Site!

Show Your Dark Globian Pride With… Er… Pride? Lol

The Codes is also on Our Dark Globe Button to the Right

Thanks Guys


*Oh, P.S., Devina (One of Our Dark Globe Writers/Photographers) Suggest that we Get The Button, as she had Seen Quill’s Button on Her Site… And Quill is the One that Designed The Button Using The Picture of The Globe I Supplied… So Thank You Devina and Quill

May 25, 2012

Comments by default changed back again to normal.

by Harry


WordPress has changed yet again the settings at comments only this time they have returned it back to the way it was.

This is the link to the post in WordPress at the start of this saga.

This is a great move because the WordPress community has more or less stopped commenting.  Most blogs have removed the button or the people on left it ticked on selective post / blogs.

So now we can all put the button back and comment and get comments the way we did. People have reported that comments have dropped of by over 50%, and i would agree.

If you would like to re-blog this post just to let your followers know that this has happened.

May 25, 2012

Dark Globe June Follower’s Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Dark Globe June Follower’s Appreciation Month

Hey Guys, During the Month of June, The Dark Globe is going to be doing what we’re calling, “Dark Globe Follower’s Appreciation Month“…

What’s going to happen is, Every day We’ll do a Post of 7 of Our Follower’s Website Links, Including Crew Members, and then Hopefully Several of Our Crew, and Hopefully You The Readers, Will All Head over to those 7 Sites and either Comment about the Site, or Just Let Them Know that The Dark Globe Sent yah…

It’s Designed to Connect all the Readers and Contributors of the Dark Globe, and Like I Told the Crew… Some People have Lots of Followers, but Some Don’t… But really I think anyone would Appreciate a Train of People Checken out their Site, yah know, Lol

Once again, this will be during The Month of June, So I’ll Be Posting Our First 7 Follower’s Links Come June 1st

Thanks Guys