Dark Globe June Follower’s Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Dark Globe June Follower’s Appreciation Month

Hey Guys, During the Month of June, The Dark Globe is going to be doing what we’re calling, “Dark Globe Follower’s Appreciation Month“…

What’s going to happen is, Every day We’ll do a Post of 7 of Our Follower’s Website Links, Including Crew Members, and then Hopefully Several of Our Crew, and Hopefully You The Readers, Will All Head over to those 7 Sites and either Comment about the Site, or Just Let Them Know that The Dark Globe Sent yah…

It’s Designed to Connect all the Readers and Contributors of the Dark Globe, and Like I Told the Crew… Some People have Lots of Followers, but Some Don’t… But really I think anyone would Appreciate a Train of People Checken out their Site, yah know, Lol

Once again, this will be during The Month of June, So I’ll Be Posting Our First 7 Follower’s Links Come June 1st

Thanks Guys


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