Game Of Thrones Season 2 – Episode 9… One Of The Best Scenes I’ve Ever Seen In Anything Fantasy Related

by darkjade68

Game Of Thrones – Season 2 – Episode 9… One Of The Best Scenes I’ve Ever Seen In Anything Fantasy Related

I’ve gotta say, if you’re not yet Watching “Game of Thrones“… Watch it.

Go Back and Watch Season One, and Then Start Catching Up on Season Two.

Season One was Brilliant, Yes… And I was curious how they would do in Season Two, especially due to Certain things that happen in Season One…

Things I shall not mention, in case some of you have indeed not seen Season One.

But it wasn’t until This Last Sunday’s, Episode 9, of Season 2, that I got an Opportunity to See One of the Best Scenes I’ve ever Seen in a Fantasy Show, and/or Film…

Lets just say, it’s during the Battle Scene, and The “Ships” are involved… I’ll leave it at that.

Not to mention, as this show is Based On Written Books, there are so many “Clumps” of Scenes in every episode, that just feel like a “Really Good Book”… Which, as a Writer, I have to say, is Quite Satisfying.

For me This show is an opportunity for me, who not only Writes a lot, but Writes a lot of Fantasy, to sit back, and let someone else do the work…

And let me tell you, they do it well.

I wasn’t able to Find The Actual Scene in Season 2, Episode 9 that Just Blew Me Away… Some how I suspect they don’t want people to see it, without actually “Seeing” the show. For now anyway.

But I did find an Interesting “Behind The Scenes” Clip of that particular Episode.

My Hats Off to “HBO”, and the “Game Of Thrones” Crew… I’m not Easily Impressed, especially by Stories that take place in the “Fantasy” Genre… Though more than Fantasy, This Storyline is “Fairly Barbaric”, in a way that only Humans can be, Lol… Sadly.

Nuff Said

Check Out The Show If You can, and When You Can

Behind The Scenes Of Season 2, Episode 9;


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13 Responses to “Game Of Thrones Season 2 – Episode 9… One Of The Best Scenes I’ve Ever Seen In Anything Fantasy Related”

  1. Season 2 started out slow but this last ep, like you said, was spectacular. Don’t you just love Tyrion? He is, by far, my favorite character.

    • He’s the reason the Show has survived without Sean Bean… As I suspected he would be… He’s by far the Best Actor on the Show… Not that there aren’t tons of Good Actors, but with Tyrion, I find myself waiting on his every word, and he is Just Awesome. Liam Cunningham is also very good

      Thanks for your Comment Drange


  2. Peter Dinklage is amazing, so much talent for such a short man. It’s a shame we never got to see Bronn and the Hound go at it, I really do wonder who would win out of that fight. You could actually cut the tension with a knife! Over the past couple of days I’ve watched Game of Thrones from the beginning leading up to the previously unseen 9th episode, it’s probably my favourite episode of all time! I can’t wait to see more battles like this in the future.

    When Tywin walks in at the end, it makes me wonder why this man isn’t king. I also can’t wait for Joffrey to die at some point in the future, I wish I was the man to do it!

    • I Agree About Season 2 Episode 9, It’s the Whole Reason I did this Post… It was Just Awesome… When they Attacked The Ships??? Phenomenal, one of the Best Scenes I’ve Seen anywhere… But the Overall Writing of that Episode was just Stellar… You can really Tell it’s a Book, and I mean that in a Good way.

      Dinklage is the Bomb, Best Actor, and Character on the Show

      I was actually worried that Bronn would lose, even though he’s Awesome… That Scene Alone, came totally from Right Field, those two confronting one another… Never saw that coming

      Thanks for the Comment Ace ‘Pete


  3. I watched it the other day with my friends and we were all like “WOOOOOOOAAAHHHHH!” when it happened!!

  4. I really enjoy watching this show, although I must say I’m sometimes confused with the names (who is who), I should read a good recap : )
    I loved the attack on the boats scene, but I was a bit disappointed the whole episode focused on that part of the story, now I also think it was necessary in order to truly make it right and not like shot in a hurry. Looking forward to the next one 🙂

    • It’s true, Because it’s a Book, the show only tends to focus on certain Characters each Episode… Which can be hard… But like you say, it’s also important not to rush the Story

      And you’re also right that the Hardest Part of the Show, is Remembering The Names, Lol

      Thanks for your Comment H


  5. A comment / grumble on the clip (and lots of other similar things I’ve seen in film) – man, that’s dark and hard to see! (Maybe they’re channeling Thorin Oakenshield in the Hobbit – “dark for dark business”?) All right, I understand this is shorthand for “night” or “medieval poor lighting” or whatever; but it’s frustrating and I’m not even sure it’s realistic shorthand. The human eye is very very good at adapting to a wide range of light levels (sometime try standing in a dark room, so dark that at first you can’t see anything at all, and notice how over a period of several minutes the shapes of furniture and doorways become visible), and I think it might be better to start scenes like these severely underexposed but then slowly increase the light level. Not all the way to daylight-equivalent, but enough so viewers can easily tell what’s happening.


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