Kreativ Blogger Award

by darkjade68

Kreativ Blogger Award

I’d Like to Thank EvilNymphStuff For Nominating The Dark Globe for The Kreativ Blogger Award.

As we are a Collective of Artists, we will Not Pass This Award on, Unless Some of Our Contributors have someone in mind that they’d like us to Award.



As it is a “Site”, as opposed to a Single Person, that is Receiving This Award, I shall instead List Some Info About The Dark Globe, as I did Back in March when we were Awarded The Versatile Blogger Award.

I Shall Show The Numbers as they were in March, Followed by Our Updated Numbers Through May.

The Rules:

1.  Thank my nominator and provide a link to their blog

2.  List seven things that readers might find interesting about me

3.  Nominate seven other bloggers

7 Interesting Things;

1) (March) The Dark Globe Was Started on October 29th, 2011 With This Post The Dark Globe – Breathe It To Life

May – This is Still The Case, Lol

2) (March) We had 10 Writers, and 7 Photographers that Contributed to the Site

May – We Now Have 11 Writers, and 6 Photographers… Also, We Now Have 3 Assistant Editors, Ace ‘Pete, Quill Wielder and Kirsty

Quill Loads the Site with Writer How To Material via Our Writing Craft Page, She’s also Heading Up Our NaNoWriMo Section Here Camp NaNoWriMo, in addition to her Book Reviews. Kirsty Helps me with Site Design, and Ace ‘Pete… Ace ‘Pete just Collects a Big ol Pay Check and Gets Drunk, Lol… Hey somebodies got to, right? Oh and Enjoys his “Management Parking Space”, Lol Thoroughly

3) (March) We had 134 Followers, Plus 297 More Facebook Followers

May – We Now have 229 Followers, Plus 313 Facebook Followers

4) (March) We had 16,588 Total Views on our Site From October 29th, 2011-March 15th, 2012

May – We’re now up to 48,239 Views, and in April Alone we Had over 16,000 Views, Largely to do with our “Create A World Writing Contest”, which went very well

5) (March) We Had, Had Views from 83 Countries

May – We’ve now Been Viewed by 157 Different Countries… Damn, I didn’t know that, Lol

6) Our Largest Amount of Views for a Single Day is 1,052 Views which was on May 11th, a Non Contest Day.

7) Our Game of Thrones Show Review has had 5,018 Views

Thank you to all of Our Contributors For making this a Fruitful Site, and Thank you to all of Our Readers who are why We’re Here to begin with

Nuff Said

Thanks for the Award Evil

DarkJade and The Dark Globe Crew

Follow us on Twitter @TheDarkGlobe1

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