A Man And His Video Camera… A Man And His… Action Figures?

by darkjade68

A Man And His Camera… A Man And His… Action Figures?

While Looking for The Cable that Transfers My Video Camera Footage to My Computer today… I came across these Disks that I didn’t even remember that I had… On these Disks is some Very Rough Footage of when I first got A Video Camera in the year 2000, and just started to do all sorts of Experimental Film Making Stuff…

I had wanted to be a Film Maker for years, but this was the first time I actually went out, got a Camera, and Started just messing around.

Now Keep in mind, This Footage is Completely Rough… It’s just my Brother and I with a bunch of Action Figures, and a Boom Box Playing The Soundtrack of “Conan The Barbarian” in the Background, Lol

No Film Editing, No Sound Editing, just a couple Grown Men Playing with Action Figures, at a “Snow” Covered Park in Eugene Oregon, with, like I say, “Conan” Music Playing in the Background, Lol

There will be no “Oscars” handed out for this… But I did think the Footage was Pretty Funny.

Yes, before you ask, that is indeed “Tin Foil” on some of the Action Figure’s Heads, acting as Helmets, Lol

And, the whole thing is Shot with a Visual Effect, which makes it a bit hard to see the Characters, but we did it because it also helps to Camouflage The Giant Hands Holding them, Lol

This is a World Premier, of something that should Probably never have been Showed, Lol


Lol, Pretty Hilarious

I Just Uploaded it To YouTube on My YouTube Chanel Here James Mahoney YouTube Chanel

My Short Film from 2002 is also there, You’re Welcome to Follow The Site, I might Start to Upload some of My Old Footage just for fun… And am Considering Starting to get back into Film Making, Strictly for YouTube that is… I Miss it, Lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading/Watching



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