Dark Globe June Follower Appreciation Month… Our First 7 Follower Links

by darkjade68

Let The Games Begin!!

June is Follower Appreciation Month for The Dark Globe…

Let Me Begin By Explaining how it works… Each Day of June I’m going to Post Links to 7 of The Dark Globe Followers Websites/Blogs… This Will Include Both Our Readers, and Contributors, as Most (Or Possibly All) of Our Contributing Artists also Follow The Blog.

What I’m Asking from As Many of Our Dark Globe Contributors, and Readers/Followers Alike, is that you just Click on over to each of the Links and either say “Hey The Dark Globe Sent Me”, or if you would rather Do Actual Content or Theme Comments, that’s Totally up to you… I’m Big On “Being Honest”, so  you don’t need to Tell Everyone that You Like Their Sites or Content, Lol… It is Frankly, Very Unlikely that you Indeed would Like “EVERY ONE OF THEIR SITES”, Lol

This is more about “Connecting With One Another”, than Ego Boosting… But Like I say, feel free to Comment On the Actual Site if you feel so Inclined.

Hopefully more than Just “I” will Partake, Ha… But if that’s the case, Oh well, it was an Idea, Lol

Nuff Said

Our First 7 Links;

Taureanw@Nothing To Read Here – Great Guy, one of our Dark Globe Writers Actually

Felicity@Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat – Felicity was Originally Lined up to be one of Our Dark Globe Writers, but Alas, has been on a Hiatis as of late… Hit her up anyway, and tell her to Get Back To Work!! She’s a Great Writer

Mark @Mark Photoblog – Awesome, Awesome, Awesome… Oh, and he happens to be Our Senior Photographer here on The Dark Globe… But that’s because he’s Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!

Ace ‘Pete @Evolution of Insanity/Hatred/Bitterness (Not Sure Which It Is These Days, Lol) – You Know Em… You Love Em… He’s One of Our Assistant Editors, And I Just Found Out that he’s actually Going for The NaNoWriMo June Edition for the First Time Ever… So get over their and Cheer Him On

Tess @Tessilu Studio – A Very Nice Lady, who I mostly know from back when I used to Visit The WordPress Forums… But I ended up going so frequently to SPAM over there, that I finally Gave Up Posting Replies, Lol

Mags @Mags 2’s Blog – A very Generous Follower, who I used to see over here quite a bit, but not as much lately… Go tell her to get back here, Lol

Jude @The Writer In The Woods – A very nice Lady, one of our Original Followers I believe… Who I also used to see around a bit more… Go tell her We Miss her, Lol

And Those Are Our First 7, Click The Links, and Let em know The Dark Globe is Thinken about them

Have Fun Guys, and see yah on the Sites


*It just struck me that some of you might want to Put One of Our June Follower Appreciation Badges on Your Blog… Feel Free

**Oh And I Asked Kirsty to if she could Design an Emblem for Our June Follower Appreciation Month, and She Came Up With the one up Above… So Thank You Kirsty, once again

6 Comments to “Dark Globe June Follower Appreciation Month… Our First 7 Follower Links”

  1. Evolution of Bitterness… Mhmmmmmmmm

  2. A new blog title for you Pete 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Thank You very much for the mention, sorry I didn’t get here sooner, but was not online for over a week due to sickness, and I got some lovely people that came over to my blog from here, I am still trying to catch up after being away. 😀
    Thank You once again.

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