Day 3 Of Our June Follower Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Day 3 Of Our June Follower Appreciation Month

I’d like first of all to Thank Kirsty for Sharing Some of The Blogs That She Follows Here Blogs Kirsty Follows, Really Appreciate That

And Now For Day 3’s List Of 7 Dark Globe Follower’s Links

Manchester Lab – Haven’t Checked them out, looking forward to it

Eldon – Also New To Me

Purple Mouse @Signature A La Mode – Ah yes, she is The Dark Globe’s Fashion Poster… She does some Great Stuff, and has been with us for a while

Sue Healy @One Point Of View – Sue has been Following us for a while, need to check her site out

Ana @1001 Scribbles – Ahhh, Ana… One of My Favorite All Time Bloggers… I’ve been Following her for a Long Time, and I also Write “DarkJade’s Films of Meaning” for her Twice a Month… Her Blog is Unbelievable… Talk about taking a Trip/Vacation in your Mind… She supplies, Words, Photos, Music and Videos… A Simply Awesome Blog… Check it out, tell her We Sent yah

Sorin @Sorin Photography – Ahh, Sorin… One of Our, and My, All Time Greatest Followers… I can’t tell you how many “Likes” The Dark Globe, and My “The Written Word” Blog has received from him… And, he’s an Amazing Photographer. In fact he actually came in 3rd Place in Our “February Shoot Off” Photo Contest Earlier this Year… Ah yeah, Definitely Check out his Site

Kanaryamfenerli’s Blog – I need to check this one out as well


Thanks for Being Our Followers Guys, Hope we get some people over there looking at your Sites



2 Comments to “Day 3 Of Our June Follower Appreciation Month”

  1. You’re always so kind to me… 🙂 Thank you so much for your words! There’s nothing better than visiting The Dark Globe after a crazy busy week and bump into this 😉

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