Week One: Dizzying Highs

by quillwielder

Well Camp NaNo is underway and I bet all of you are just bursting with creative juices, I know I am.

Week One is where you should get your head start. This is the time where you’re most excited because you’ve been wanting to start for so long and you finally have the chance.

It’s like a dizzying high, week one. It’s when it all happens: the opening paragraph, introducing the characters, creating interest. So many amazing things happen in week one and you simple can’t wait to get going!

Go the extra mile this week and write more than the average word count of 1667 words. Get those numbers up so you don’t fall behind in later weeks (trust me you’ll really be wishing you wrote more this week by next week).

Use that excited energy to fuel your writing. Set yourself challenges. Write 10,000 words in 5 days…write it in a weekend!

Whatever you do just write.


2 Responses to “Week One: Dizzying Highs”

  1. I’ve written about 9000 words so far 😀


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