Untitled Poem

by Devina

Source: vsgmom.com

What’s this darkness I feel inside?

It tries its damnedest to overwhelm me

I feel my bruised resolve slipping

Like ketchup sliding out of a bottle

Reluctantly first, then easily gave way.


What’s this cloud I just can barely see above my head?

My trembling fingers moved to my eyes as if I could wish it away

Its foreboding presence stifles me as I lay there

Curled up pathetically on the cold barren ground

Like the frightened child I am.


About to succumb to this madness,

I remove my hand willing myself to face my doom, that’s when I saw it –

Barely a flicker of the elusive light

Floating before my vision, with no care in what’s left of the world

It reminded of this thing called …

Hope …

I let it settle on my tongue

And liked how it tasted

Familiar, light and sweet


Curious, I unfolded my stiff limbs

And reached out.

Alas! It danced away

And I stumbled to the ground with a painful thump


I’ve been here for far too long

To go without one last fight

My wings unfold, echoes in the soundless night

My purpose, my ties, my dreams and expectations

Drawing strength from these, I rise


Muscles tense, jaws clenched

A chance I must risk

Despite the unforgiving earth

That would await my fatal descent

I lurch upwards to my fate …



I’m not too sure what had provoked me to write this, maybe it’s the me inside that feels the heavy chains of my insecurities pulling me down, deeper into despair but I still have to fight it, I must have hope and I believe this not only goes to me but to everyone else.

There are people out there that gain satisfaction from wiping that radiant smile off your face, pointing out your flaws, poking and prodding until you feel sore and unsure and unsatisfied with who you are when you are perfectly fine as any human can be. Sometimes one of those people bringing you down can be yourself, just tell that part of you to stuff it.

Each of us have potential to do so much, to be so much, affecting so many and we have to realize that. Until we do, we hold ourselves down by negative thoughts. The world today, much of it, is negative and I believe you are what you think so  we need to be thinking in a positive frame of mind to cancel it out.

I’ll end this brief sermon with a few wise words:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
Eleanor Roosevelt, This is My Story

Hope you all had a good weekend and here’s a an even better week ahead. Monday came too bloody fast …



9 Comments to “Untitled Poem”

  1. Lovely poem devina, love the photo.

  2. Nice Poem Dev

    Let nothing, or Anyone Stand in your Way… Ever


  3. Beautiful poem. I love it – it’s really inspiring. 🙂

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