Day 15 Double Header June Follower Appreciation Links

by darkjade68

Day 15 Double Header June Follower Appreciation Links

Ok so, Today We’re Going to Double Up, and List 20 of Our Followers Links… Not just because I missed The 14th (Which I did, Lol), but also because The Weekend is liable to be a bit Busy (In other words I’m leaning towards Slacking, Lol), and Thus… 20 Links it is

Xanax or Running Shoes? – A New one for me, but she is Very Nice

Stephanie Hayward – Also New to me

Blue Sander @Stronghold – Blue is a Brilliant Young Poet… I would Highly Recommend Checking out her Site

MJ Springett – A Very Good Follower, Goina Check out their Site

In Other Words and Picture – New to me

Cobbie @Gerry’s Space – A Very Good Follower, and  Strong Writer

Kate @Kate Policani – Kate is one of Quill’s Favorites I believe, Check Her out

A Winsome Journey – New for me

Heyes @Heyes Photo – Heyes is one of the Dark Globe’s Photographers, and he is Very Good… Definitely Check out his Site

Marcia Clarke – La Chica Writes – A very good Follower, Need to check her Site out

Hood Times – New to me

Self Professed Product Obsessed – In My Professional Product Whore Opinion – Lol, New to me

Maggie Mae @Maggie Mae I Just Say This – A very Nice Follower, will check it out

Quill @Quill Wielder – The One… The Only… Quill Wielder, Lol… Quill is not only one of the Founding Members of “The Dark Globe”, but she’s also a Senior Writer, and one of our Three Assistant Editors… If you’re Looking for a Passionate Writer, and Author, and someone who Researches Her A$$ Off!! In regards to All Things “Writer”/Such as Writer Tools Etc., Definitely Check Her Site Out

Ananetra – New to me

Improvisations on Reality – Also New to me

Oh My Muse! – Always Liked the Theme of this Site… Check it out

Namaste Consulting Inc. – New to me

Shannon @Isle of Books – Shannon is one of our Book Reviewers on “The Dark Globe”… She is Passionate about The Written Word, and Posts an Endless Supply of Interesting Subject Matter, and Material on her Blog… Check her out

Clive Jennings Photography – New to me

So there yah are… Check these guys/gals out, and let em know we sent you

I Hope you all have an Excellent/Pleasant/Fulfilling/Wonderful/Enchanting/Phenomenal/Breathtaking/Inspirational/Life Changing/ Weekend 😀



4 Comments to “Day 15 Double Header June Follower Appreciation Links”

  1. Thank you for the link! Busy, busy with Graduation Season (is that a season), or, Graduation excuse fro not thanking you right away 🙂

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