Week Two: Update

by quillwielder

So it’s the end of week two in the great Camp NaNo adventure. How is your novel going? Have you been keeping up with your word count or have you falling into the slinking pit of week two blues?

For me this week was filled with a little downer days, but with some encouragement from friends and family I pushed through to get my word count up to that magical 50,000 words goal.

I was so pleased and proud of myself for getting to the magic number. Writing a 50k novel in a few weeks is an amazing task for any writer.

So tell me how you did this week?


4 Comments to “Week Two: Update”

  1. That’s amazing! I don’t think I could write that much in just a month! Not working 10 hours a day as well! I’ve just hit 33k and I feel like I don’t want to stop at the moment! It’s the biggest writing piece I’ve ever attempted but boy is it fun. I’m getting to the stage where my characters are beginning to show up when I’m not even expecting them and it’s brilliant! I want to keep writing so that I can find out what’s going to happen to them next!

    Congratulations on reaching the 50k goal! What is the piece about?

  2. I too have finished the 50k mark, I was only just a shade over a thousand words off when I had the “day of writing in Pete’s fortress of solitude” and had to take a couple of days off to recharge. But it’s now finished, it ended where I expected it to but it took a different route than originally planned. A character that I hadn’t even thought of at the beginning ended up becoming a huge part of the story so that was pretty awesome.

    I’m already thinking about part 2 and also a novel based on something else completely 🙂 good writing times!

    • I’ve been finding the same thing… they are getting to the points where I want them to be but strange and unusual things are happening along the way! It’s so much fun… What’s it about? Anywhere we can find it to read?


      • It’s not online at the moment, I need to read through it and make sure there’s no spelling/grammar mistakes and make sure it flows correctly throughout. But as soon as I get that done it’ll definitely be online for public viewing 🙂

        The story starts off at a funeral, the protagonists girlfriends funeral, though he’s not stood with the rest he’s stood in the shadows, hidden. He’s somehow responsible for her death; his minds fractured and he blames himself and his friends.

        The story then takes place just over a year before the funeral and tells you what happened in the year leading up to everything. How in such a short amount of time someones life can totally fall apart.

        It’ll probably read better than I’ve explained it but that’s the general jist of it 🙂

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