Dark’s Uptake

by darkjade68

So I mentioned to you all the other day how I started a Blog Called “Dark’s Media Empire“…

Which is basically a Blog for Vlogs, to a degree, Lol

So Far I’ve Created a Silly Vlog Show called “Paladin Jade“, which is basically me messing around with Music (Not Mine, a Guy’s Whose Music I Found on Soundcloud, and Got Permission to Use, Lol), Software Effects, and in some cases… Action Figures, Lol

But enough about ME! Lol


Kymlee Has been Posting a Vlog Series Called “Critical Thinking Q & A“, where she Discusses some Really Important Content, and I highly suggest you check it out, and hopefully even get involved… She also would love to have People “Vlog Responses”, for those of you who are open to that… You could always do what I do in “Paladin Jade”, and put something in front of the Camera, like your Favorite Stuffed Animal or something (You’ve got a Favorite Stuffed Animal, Right? Lol), and Discuss back to her “Off Camera”… Yes, let your Stuffed Animal Take The Heat, Lol

She’s Also Started to Post some of her Music, her First Being “Honey Wine“, a Really Good Grunge Ballad…

Oh, and my Short Film “If Not Now…” Is also on the Site.

Oh and there’s a Picture of “Ace” Pete on our “The Empire” Page, where he talks about How He doesn’t know what he’s doing on the Site, Lol

But that’s ok, come for Pete’s Picture, and Stay for Kymlee and My Show, Lol

But None of these things are the Main Reason I’m Doing This Post…

The Reason I’m doing this Post is to get your Input on a “New Vlog Series” I’m considering doing, called “Dark’s Uptake”…

Originally it was just going to be called “Uptake”, but then when I looked that name up online, I came up with some Similar Type Names, so I figure it was just Safer to Throw “Dark’s” in the Front of it, Lol

So Dark’s Uptake will be a Vlog Series where I basically Discuss Topics Brought up by Watchers… Now I’m not sure any, or many (There are a few that have popped over) of you will be Watching any of our Vlogs over there, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think “The Dark Globe’s” Followers is a Good Place to get Ideas for Topics for the Show…

So if you’re up for it, if you have any Ideas for Some Topics I might Discuss, or Questions I might Answer on the show, Just Throw them in This Box, and Maybe it will End up on the Show

Thanks Guys


Dark’s Media Empire

Twitter @DarksEmpire




2 Comments to “Dark’s Uptake”

  1. My “come to bed” eyes 🙂

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