Back to the Nitty-Gritty.

by A Boy with Shoes

So, I have been having some major PC problems. First my CPU fried, literally. I took it out and the connections were burnt. It was an old PC and I needed a new one anyway. So I ordered parts, new board was working and I was about to start back up with photography when suddenly I started getting the blue screen of death. I updated the BIOS to see if that was the problem, checked for Windows updates, and after all was installed I restarted the PC and it wouldn’t boot past the POST screen. I returned the board for a replacement, that board came in dead. So I returned it again for a refund and bought a new board. It came in and I couldn’t get it to go past the video card in POST. Called customer support and was told my vide card may not be the right interface; I ordered a new card and still didn’t work. I eventually did some tests and found out that if I removed some RAM it would go further through POST. I was down to one stick. I ordered a new power supply. I am up to two sticks of RAM now, which gives me plenty to work all my programs properly.

I am waiting for an email from the board manufacturer to see if the RAM is the problem.
Either way, I am back and apologize for not posting. Glad I am still a part of The Dark Globe. And I now hope to catch up with you guys, read your posts, do some commenting, some posting of my own, and hope to get to know you guys a bit better. And I hope you guys accept me back.
For my return I am posting a few photos I found while going through my archives. I never delete a photo just in case I learn something new in Photoshop and can make the photo look at least decent.
So, I bring you three photos of barbed-wire and a photo of a toilet. I hope you enjoy.


Barbed-wire with a Bit of Old Tree:

Barbed-wire and a Tree with a Board:

Abandoned Toilet:



6 Comments to “Back to the Nitty-Gritty.”

  1. Good to have you back Jeremy


  2. Welcome back Jeremy, you’ve been missed. 🙂

    That toilet looks like it’s been victim to a turbo shit.

  3. Reblogged this on A Boy with Shoes and commented:

    I posting a few photos on The Dark Globe. Been neglecting them a bit more than my blog during my PC issues. Thought I would be a nice blogger and go make a post.

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