Day 19 June Follower Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Day 19 June Follower Appreciation Month

This Has Been Really Cool… I’ve really Enjoyed Hooking up with Our Followers, I hope you Guys are Checking some of these Links Out… There’s some Real Great Stuff out there

Our Next 20 Follower’s Links

Cosplayjp – A New One for me, will check it out

The Terrifying Blank Page And Other Terrible Tales – Lol, Will Check This Out

Riatarded – Also New to me

Hyper CRYPTICal – I believe she was one of our “Create A World” Writing Contest Contestants… She is very Nice, will Definitely Check out her site

KendiKimathi – New to me

WFoster2011 – Also New to me

I’m A Broke Art Student – This Girl is a Gem… Her Site Reminds me of when I First Pursued Film Making back in 2000, The Rawness of the Footage… And The Videos where I messed around with My Brother in Front of the Camera… I have like 80 Hi8 Video Tapes Full of Footage that I need to have put on Disk at some point… But yeah, She does some really Cute Creative Stuff, and has her Sister Along for the ride

Lily In Canada – She is a Very Nice Blogger, I’ll have to Check out her Site

Tophats and Tale Bones – Interesting Title, will check it out

My Rays Of Light – New to me

Lowercase Language – New to me

My Ideal Woman – A Lot of these are New to me

Dirty Blonde Ink – Cool Theme, will Check it out

Pen Names And Other Escapes – New to me

Conceptual Art – Interesting Looking Site

Turkish Land – He is a Good Follower, Will Check em out

YHVH Entertainment – New to me

Alice Through The Macro Lens – Clever Title, will Check it out

Truth Above All Religions – Will Check it out

Aurora Morealist – Will Check it out

Thanks Guys/Gals… Be sure to check these Sites out, and let em know we sent you

We Appreciate all of you




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