“The Most Beautiful Voice In Rock and Roll”

by 'Ard Pete

I thought I’d take a moment to write something about my favourite musical artist of all time; we all have our favourites and our own personal tastes in music and if I think your favourite artist is shit, doesn’t necessarily mean he/she/they are it just means I’m not into that kind of music and vice versa.

A lot of the kids these days are into the trance/dance/rnb/chav music and yeah I dislike it. I don’t consider it to be music; just noise. I guess I’m getting too old for my age already!

Back when I was a teenager I’ll have to admit that I was into pop music. I wasn’t always the cool mofo you see now; I liked Backstreet Boys, Boyzone, Britney Spears, Spice Girls, hell I even liked NSync and I don’t care who knows it!

I attribute this to everyone I knew liking the same kind of music; as I got older and started reaching mid-teens that’s when I started discovering rock music; I listened to Nirvana… I listened to Live, Metallica, RATM, Papa Roach?

But most of all I listened to Chris Cornell. Talking to Sami on Twitter gave me the inspiration for this post. He recently asked which of Soundgarden’s songs were worth listening to and I pushed him in the right direction of some.

Chris Cornell was one of the biggest reasons why I started getting into rock music; real music. Music they make with their own instruments not made in some studio ready for some talentless bimbo to record vocals over.

I first heard him when he and the former Rage Against The Machine members formed Audioslave and released their self titled album in 2002 which still features some of my favourite songs of all time. It wasn’t for another three years until they released another album but by then I was hooked, I wanted to know everything about Cornell, his voice was sex to my ears.

Cochise, Like a Stone and I Am The Highway are some of his greatest songs from that album.

That’s when I got into Soundgarden, I started buying (getting my parents to buy) all of Soundgarden’s albums; Black Hole Sun definitely being their best song, it was a real shame that they had split up as they would have been a lot of people’s favourite band in the late eighties/early nineties. Then I bought Euphoria Morning with my own money; the first album I ever actually paid for personally. Sweet Euphoria being my favourite song off of that album along with Can’t Change Me.

Those two songs especially I have listened to when I’ve been at my lowest.

After enjoying everything Audioslave had to offer I was devastated when they decided to split. Sure I learned that he was doing another solo album which was released in 2007 not long after the break up titled “Carry On”; most of the songs on there I liked, particularly the James Bond theme, “You Know My Name” which would have helped him gain a lot more fans and then there’s his own rendition of Michael Jacksons’ Billie Jean.

Two years later he releases “Scream” an album I’m not fond of too be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Timbalands work and while Cornell’s vocals are just as awesome as they’ve ever been, I can’t say I enjoyed the music or the actual songs all that much. I put it down to him trying something else; wanting to try something new.

Fast forward to 2010 and things are full circle as he reunited with Soundgarden for the first time in 12 years and got the band back together; this is probably the most exciting news I’ve heard about music as a band I fell in love with after they’d split up are now reuniting and I feel like I can now be apart of it. Announced earlier this year is a new album of new material and absolutely cannot wait to hear it!

As Chester Bennington said; he’s got the “fucking most beautiful voice in rock n roll”.

Take a moment to indulge yourself by listening to some of his awesomeness.

(The main event starts at the 3 minute mark)

Thank you Chris for introducing me to real music.

Bonus! Redemption Song


6 Comments to ““The Most Beautiful Voice In Rock and Roll””

  1. Chris Cornell is one of my alltime fav musicians, and singers. He’s incredible. I would LOVE to see him in concert. I used to listen to Soundagarden and Audioslave NONstop. and when I heard Hunger Strike with him and Eddie Vedder in their Temple of the Dog group… o man. O man….

    • I still do listen to him non-stop, especially when I’m writing. No matter what mood you’re in there’s a song that matches it! I forgot about Hunger Strike, dat shit was well sick!

      • me too… directly after reading your post I went off and looked up interviews with him, Layne Staley (who I just had a dream about oddly enough) and Eddie Vedder, and then some intermitent Kurt Cobain… Grunge is my favorite type of music. It’s just… real. You know another amazing band with that style? Days of the New… and also Stone Temple Pilots.
        I could go on and on about this stuff. It’s the meat and potatoes to my life man. Seriously, my music ambition (far fetched as it may be), is to be the female version of all of those guys… I would love to have even a fraction of the talent they had (and some still have) It breaks my heart that Kurt and Layne are dead man… Complete waste of some of the best music in history.

        • I’ve never heard Days of the New I’ll have to check them out but yeah Stone Temple Pilots are awesome too. I wish I was older so I could fully appreciate their music while they were making it. Hearing the shit that passes for music these days depresses me.

          • ya, most everything is over processed these days and lacking in lyrical substance. It’s like people actually ENJOY being mindless drones. le’ sigh…..

  2. Yeah him and Vedder were My Favorites


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