West Coast Yankee Fan – 10 Game Streak Ends

by darkjade68


10 Game Streak Ends… And Now The Work Begins

Teixeira’s on Fire; Let me start by saying, Mark Teixeira’s on Fire… In My Opinion, he’s the Best Hitter on the Team at the Moment… Not in General, just right now… In General would be Cano, Lol

The Yank’s Are The Real Thing; Next I have to say, The Yank’s are the “Real Thing” right now… I really feel that at this Exact Moment, They are The Best Team in Baseball… And I’m not just saying that cuz I’m a Yank’s Fan.

Let me tell you why…

Pitching; First of all, they have Really Good Pitching Right now… Not only has Andy Pettitte come back, and is Playing as Good as Ever… But his Presence, and Leadership has definitely rubbed off on the Rest of the Pitching Staff…

Especially Phil Hughes…

Now I know he got beat up yesterday, with 4 Home Runs against him… But Several of his Games leading up to Yesterday, were Just Stellar.

Beyond that, they have a Great Bullpen (Backup Pitchers), which Finish Up Games Strongly…

And now that David Roberson is back, it looks to get even better…

But Soriano has done a Great Job at Closing since Mariano went down.

Hitting; In addition to Great Pitching, the Yankee’s Lineup has started to Hit Better… Namely Teixeira, Cano and Granderson…

All-Star Break; And as the 2012 MLB All-Star Break is about to Arrive, and all of the MLB gets a Well Deserved Rest, it’s shaping to be a Real Exciting/Great Second Half of The Season.

Nuff Said, Thanks For Reading/Listening


*Yank’s Record So Far This Year – 41 Wins 27 Losses .603 First Place in Their Division…

Teams Batting Average So Far;

Gardner .321 – Still Out with an Injury

Jeter .313 – Down a bit, yes he is Human… But still has more Hits This year than anyone in the MLB Last I heard

Cano .299 – Moven Up

Nunez .294 – Sent down to the Minors to work on his 3B Playing, which was terrible, Lol

Arod .265 – Gone down a bit, but he’s doing just fine (His Grand Slams Help, Lol)

Swisher .264 – Down a bit since he’s come back, but he’s starting to light it up again

Stewart .263 – Continues to be a decent Hitter, and a Good Backup Catcher

Chavez .260 – His Batting Average has dropped a bit, but he is an Amazing Backup 3B for Arod, and a Solid Veteran Player… Great Addition to the Team

Teixeira – .256 Last Time I did one of these Posts, He was at .212… Nuff Said, He is Hot right now

Granderson .252 – He’s gone down a bit, but His Home Runs haven’t, Major Impact Player

Ibanez .235 – Gone down a bit, but a Great Veteran Player… Huge pick up, especially since Gardners Been Out, so he’s Played a lot more than planned

Nix – .222 – Decent Backup Player

Jones .206 – He’s gone down, but he’s a Great Player, he’s just been playing less

Martin .205- Last time I did a Post, he was at .188, so he’s improved some… He’s starting to hit more, and his Ability Behind the Plate is Indispensable

Wise .138 – I actually really like Wise, he just doesn’t Play all that much… But when he does, he’s a Great Fielder, Pinch Runner/Stealer, and a Solid Hitter

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