Day 22 June Follower Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Day 22 June Follower Appreciation Month

Our Next 20 Links

Beauty Walk – A New one to me

An Evil Nymph’s BlogEvil Nymph was the Winner of Our “2012 Create A World Writing Contest”, and is an Awesome Follower… Definitely Check out Her Site

Story of Alice – New to me, will check it out

Timekeen40’s – Also New to me

My Body The City: The Secret Life of a Callgirl – New to me

Lady Romp – New to me

Disperser Tracks – New to me, but they’re a good follower

Just a Girl That Reads – Ne to me

Write, Wrong, and Everything In Between Reviews – Also New to me

A Place for Today’s Discussions – New to me, will check it out

Airports Made Simple – New to me

No Tall Stories – Good Writer

Better With A Pen – New to me

Graveyards and Grasslands – Good Follower, will Check out her Site

Write Create Inspire – New to me

Ryan Casundo – Will check out his site

Frame Tale – New to me

Hamuu’s Notebook – New to me

Inside the Mind of Isadora – Great Follower, definitely Check Her Site out

Paige Addams – Paige is Just Awesome… She’s one of My Best Followers on Both “The Dark Globe”, and on My “The Written Word” Blog… She’s Done Reviews on My Work on My “The Written Word” Blog, and has done some Line Editing for me as well… She is a Great Person, and a Passionate Writer… Definitely Check out her site

Check These Sites out, and let em know The Dark Globe sent yah

Thanks Guys/Gals








4 Comments to “Day 22 June Follower Appreciation Month”

  1. The ones i’m linked to are:-

    My body the city, Evil Nymph and also Page Adams, three good blogs.

  2. Funny how you would put BWaP and Hamuu’s Notebook on the same day. 😆

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