The Greatest rock band in History

by Devina

… in my opinion (and my dad’s too) and I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there that would agree with me. Here’s one of my favourites of them (two different versions of the same song):

You win Again

I lost track of how many time I listened to this!

This is the official music video of You Win Again:

Barry looked great with a pony tail, I don’t see why some people think otherwise. Man, did these guys rock! It’s a real shame we wouldn’t be seeing talent like this again in … ever!

They made music that would really last, not just for one time in history, but for always.Wouldn’t it be cool to still hear people talking about them and playing their music ten to twenty years from now?

RIP Maurice and Robin where ever you are in Rock and Roll heaven. Barry, you just keep on rocking. Thank you for the music!


3 Comments to “The Greatest rock band in History”

  1. Haha Wogan, I think that was the first face I ever saw on TV 🙂

    Bee Gees were awesome, they one of those bands that’ll live on forever, same with the Beatles and whatnot. True legends.

  2. Was Wogan a daytime show or something? They remain awesome, though I’m a big fan of The Beetles I think the Bee Gees are a notch higher, but legends nevertheless.

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