Dark’s Media Empire Needs You!! Lol

by darkjade68

Dark’s Media Empire Needs You!!

As Many of you may, or may not know… I’ve Created a Vlogging Blog Called “Dark’s Media Empire“, which Now Three of us, Kymlee, ‘Ace’ Pete and Myself have begun Creating Vlog Series on.

My First Series was a bit of a Silly One, called “Paladin Jade“, which I do for Entertainment, and Fun, for both Myself, and The Viewers.

But where we really Need Your Help, is with Kymlee’sCritical Thinking Q & A” Series, and My New “Dark’s Uptake” Series.

Fortunately one of “The Dark Globe’s” Great Followers, Paige Adams, as well as one of the “The Dark Globe’s” Writers Devina, supplied me with My First Two Shows Topics.

But we definitely Need/Want more People getting involved with Commenting Below, or if they so desire, Vlogging back to us… All you have to do is Put Your Vlog Link in the Comments, and I’ll Adjust it so it shows up there as a Video. Keep in mind though, Standard Type Comments are also Greatly Appreciated. Mostly we just want to get people involved, with what so far have been some Really Important Subjects.

Here’s What The Topics have been so far.

Kymlee’s Critical Thinking Episode 1;

1. It’s been discussed, how businesses subject their employees to psychological and drug testing. Businesses also control employees by monitoring telephone calls, and email and Internet use. Do you feel that these techniques really control employees? What kind of control does it achieve? How do businesses benefit from this control? Do employees benefit at all? How would you feel being screened and monitored like this?

2. Do you think that profits ever become more important than human life? By reducing safety standards for workers, are businesses placing a higher value on profit than on human life?

3. Does conformity in a dress code and/or behavior help make schools a more equal and serious environment for achieving or does it prevent students from reaching their full creative potential?

4. Should states provide a free college education for all students regardless of financial need? What would be the benefits and disadvantages of such a policy?

5. Consider the fact that most Black U.S. citizens are descendants of people who were brought involuntarily to the U.S. What effects do you think this history has on African Americans and Whites today?

Kymlee’s Critical Thinking Episode 2;

1. People argue that the family does not shape society, but society shapes families. What do they mean by this? Do you agree or disagree?

2. How have the high rates of divorce, single parenting, and spousal abuse affected U.S. society? Do you consider these family issues to be private problems or social problems?

3. Because of the way our health system is organized, we spend much more money on health care for the old and frail than we do for the young. Why is this so? Should U.S. society be focusing more on its younger population than it does on the elderly population?

4. Why do you think alcohol and tobacco legal drugs when they are addictive, physically harmful, and socially disruptive?

5. What positive and negative aspects would come from a universal health care plan here in the U.S.? Do you think that such a program would work in the U.S.?

Kymlee’s Critical Thinking Episode 3;

1. Is torture ever acceptable?

2. Are parents clueless about child predators on the Internet?

3. Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?

4. Should creationism be taught in public schools?

5. Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased?

Dark’s Uptake Episode 1; A Discussion about what some Consider “Rules for Successful Writing”. Subject Suggestions by Paige Addams, I researched one Writers List, and Comment on them… But I’d like to hear what you think of the List?

Dark’s Uptake Epsidode 2; A Discussion about how Video Game Companies Created Video Games where Kids are Actually Physically active, in order to respond to Parents Growing Concern about their Children not being Active enough… Devina found this Topic from a New York Times Tweet, which showed an Article that determined, it may not be helping. I give My Take, but would really like to hear yours.

Nuff Said, we have some really Great Followers on The Dark Globe, and I thought some of you may be interested in some of these Topics… Yes, we’re also doing some Vlogs over there for Fun/Entertainment, but These Important Topic one’s are Very Important to us, and they’re something I thought you all might have good Feedback about.

Thanks Guys


11 Comments to “Dark’s Media Empire Needs You!! Lol”

  1. Oh you’ll have my response to “Epsidode” 2 tomorrow and you’ll realise why you are wrong.

  2. oh boy I can’t wait to see Pete’s response LOL!

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