Day 25 June Follower Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Day 25 June Follower Appreciation Month

I hope you all had a Good Weekend

Here’s Our Next 20 Follower Links

Susan Writes Precise – New one for me

MesAyah – Life Through The Mic – Also New to me

Brands and Pitches – New to me

Five Reflections – Five Reflections has been a Great Follower for a very long time, of both “The Dark Globe”, and My “The Written Word” Sites… He also has a Very Cool Site, you should definitely check it out

Cliffette’s Journal – Another New one for me

Clown Rymes – Clown is a Cool Guy, and a Great Follower… You should definitely check out his Site.

Finding Subjects – New one to me, will check it out

Lone Wolf Poetry – Cool Title, will check it out

Moths to a Flame – New one for me

Pdk @Simple Observations – I have known Pdk since the Beginnings of My Blogging Days, back in August/September 2011… Not only is Pdk one of “The Dark Globe’s” Founding Members, and Senior Writers… He was also involved (Along with ‘Ace’ Pete) with me on My Second Blog “One Knight”, which we all did some Creative Writing on last year… Pdk’s Main Blog is Very Well Liked, and he’s also in the midst of Publishing his First Book with a Publisher… Definitely Take a Look at his Site, he Pours his Heart, and Humor, into everything that he does.

Kweschn Media – New to me

TN Hayden – New to me, will check it out

Gin & Lemonade – Also New to me

Yachna Yoga – Yachna Came in Third in our “2011 Create A World” Writing Contest… She is a Very Talented Writer, you should definitely check out her Site

Gentlemen of Sport – New for me

Emily Guido – Emily Guido is a Phenomenal Follower, and was also one of our Competitors in our “2011 Create A World” Writing Contest… Definitely check out her Site

Paul Hufton – New to me

Live 4 Life 201 – New to me, will check it out

Kifltd – New to me

Red Head Carol – Also New to me

Definitely Check out these Guys/Gals Sites

We’re Nearing the End of June, and Thus the End of Our Follower Links…

I’ve been hearing from several people that they are Finding New Blogs that they like from all of these Lists, so I am Glad… I’ve really enjoyed doing it, and Appreciate All of Our Followers, and Contributors

5 Days Left in June





2 Comments to “Day 25 June Follower Appreciation Month”

  1. 25 days of follower appreciation, looks like I have even more catching up to do. Damn you technology for catching on fire when things get rough! Looks like I have my next couple weeks worked out for me now.

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