What’s Important To You?

by darkjade68

Love? Who do you Love? Why do you Love Them? Have you told them lately? Will you Love Again? Have you Loved Many? Is there anything more Amazing than Love??

Family? Do you have a lot of Family? Is your Family someone other than Blood Related? Are your Animals your Family? Do you Miss Your Family? Have you told your Family how much they mean to you lately??

Our Planet? Do you Recycle? Do you spend much time in Nature? Do you love the Ocean? Do you love Trees? Do you ever just Look Into the Sky… And watch the Clouds go by??

Your Pets? Do you spend time with them? Do you pet them? Do you tell them you Love Them? Do you tell them that being near them relaxes you? Do you feed them well?




Music? Whose your Favorite Band? Whose your Favorite Singer? What’s your Favorite Instrument? Have you ever Played an Instrument? Were you any good? Have you ever wanted to Play an Instrument? Why haven’t you tried?

Travel? Where have you been? Where would you like to go? What’s stopping you? Who would you travel with? How long would you go for? What would you pack?

Your Country? Do you Vote? Do you keep up on News? Are you involved with your Community? Do you support Good Causes?

What’s Important to You?

Do you Neglect what Strikes you in the Heart and makes you Sing?

Are you Living Life to the Fullest?

Are you getting up and dusting yourself off when you run into Obstacles that would otherwise hinder you?

Live your Life to the Fullest… Every Waking Hour

Nuff Said





2 Comments to “What’s Important To You?”

  1. This is an important question to ask everyday… thinking of our priorities which are often lost with distractions… For the moment I feel like my friends are very important in my life right now… giving me support, especially at school where we all most need it with all the pressure etc.

    • Agreed, that’s why I posted it… It’s kind of a “Perspective” Reset… I also think it’s important that we ask ourselves that from time to time… Too easy to get lost in the day to day, and steer away from who we Truly Are

      Thanks for your Comment Evil


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