Thinkin’ in my head

by Devina


Well that’s what we do in there; think. We do it all the time even when we’re not aware of all that tinkering, ticking and clanking that goes on in our heads. But have you ever though how you sound when you think about what ever it is that’s currently going on? I have, it’s like I’m sort of hearing my voice but at the same time there’s nothing to be heard in there.

You might have heard or read people saying, “Will you stop all the racket! I can’t hear myself think!” I pretty sure they’ve said that without realizing exactly what they’ve said, or, they actually hear themselves too!

I hope I haven’t confused anyone. Okay here’s an example of a thought of mine:

“I do hope mum’s making mac and cheese for dinner!”

I’m thinking it and yet I’m on some level hearing myself. It’s the same for recalling the voices of people I’ve met or had seen on television, you can kind of hear them too. I can’t really explain it, I’m sure there must be at least one explanation out there somewhere, but for know I’ll just wonder. The mind is such a peculiar place and I believe that no matter how much scientist experiment, they won’t ever bring the shadowy depths and the inner mechanism of the mind to light. It’s one of those things that will always remain a mystery to mankind.

Whether I can hear them or not, I’m so glad to have a place that I can truly be in private, to be free without intrusion especially of those pests we refer to siblings. But to tell you the truth, with all this mind reading I see in movies and read in books, now I’m a bit paranoid and when I realize that I have no mind shield I mentally conjure this gigantic impenetrable (I fervently hope so) glass dome around me to keep potential mind readers in the vicinity out!

Have you ever noticed this too?

Are you twitchy about those gifted with telepathy out there that can worm their way into our deepest darkest memories, the most embarrassing thoughts you’re thinking at that particular moment, too? 

Share your thought’s on this matter of the mind 🙂

Ca-ca-catch you later 😉

P.S: A tip for when you think your mind is being read, picture this:






Take your pick, anyone of these are bound to traumatize the curious git 😛



2 Comments to “Thinkin’ in my head”

  1. OMG – those pix’s are horrifying. The thought of them in my mind is frightening; yet,
    I do feel my mind take hold of me when I am doing mundane things such as washing
    dishes or something like that. Usually, I start to think about what someone might be
    posting or what I am going to post or what someone posted that got me thinking: like this.
    YES – the mind can be captivating. It’s why I called my blog ” Inside the Mind of Isadora”.
    Nice post …

    • Ha-ha, they are! Yeah, it’s often that when we go about doing our normal day to day chores is when we come up with some really good ideas. I think our ability to think, to think for ourselves is one of the greatest blessings. Thank you 🙂

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