Dark Globe Featured Novel: Twist Of Hate

by 'Ard Pete

Hah! I remembered that I was recently asked if I wanted to post a chapter from my novel for June’s Featured Work, but hey it’s still June right?

I haven’t been featured since February so I imagine this is a massive treat for you all *big head*

I started writing Twist of Hate on it’s self titled blog last year but other projects got in the way of it, then when NaNoWriMo came up I had the chance to actually make this idea into a novel, a full novel so I began with rewriting it and then writing the rest of it; it’s still in its first draft stage so forgive me if there are spelling mistakes (I’m sure there aren’t any) or grammar errors, I have yet to self edit the thing; I’m hoping my sister in law will do that for me!

It’s a tale of love, lost love, lost friendships with a lot of violence thrown in for the Lolz. It’s the first time I’ve ever written something as big as this so I’m quite proud of it even if it never gets published, I hope it will. I’ll just have to figure out how to do it.

Anyway enough rambling on, here’s the first chapter of Twist Of Hate:


Like most stories, it began with a girl… Never before had I seen such beauty in living colour, the way she walked, the way she talked. She only had to enter a room and everyone dropped whatever they were doing, even in the worst of situations she could always make it seem like it was trivial just by opening her mouth. Her hair glistened in the sun light, reflected it, almost blinding. It was like I had laid my eyes on a real life angel.

She was a goddess and I was nothing but a lowly mortal, but for some reason she looked through all of the sports star wannabe’s, the womanizers, the people with the gift of the gab and through all of that she saw me. Was this a dream? I sure had hoped not, I would feel pretty stupid having those sorts of dreams at my age but alas, it was no dream, but now I wish it was.

I had seen her from afar for so long, jealous of everyone that ever spoke to her, of anyone that made her smile, why couldn’t that person have been me? I used to think that for a long time, I supposed it was because I was shy, I cowered away from many social situations such as that. But strangely enough I was considered a central character in my group of friends, someone people turned to in moments of despair, someone people turned to when something bad happened to them, I protected them all and maybe that was why I caught her attention, a night out with my best friend and his girlfriend ended in bloodshed, not ours, but the people that tried to assault my friends lady.

I didn’t know what happened, I blacked out and when I came to I was knelt down, hands covered in blood, two men on the ground in pools of blood. My friend and his girlfriend clasping each other. She had seen the whole thing and the following day came up to me and started talking to me, she made me feel something I rarely feel, happiness. That night after talking for what seemed minutes but in reality hours, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me she’d see me soon.

It only feels like it was yesterday when I felt those soft lips on my face, when I close my eyes I can still see her. But it’s no longer happiness I feel, only pain and hatred.

I only have myself to blame.

– Prison Diary of Shawn Strata.

1st February 2011
It was a dark and stormy night… but of course it was, this was England in the middle of Winter. The rain tore through the sky and hit hard on the ground.

He stood there, on his own, soaking from the drops of water beating against his body, far away from everyone else that formed a circle. In the middle of the circle was a coffin being lowered into the ground, a priest saying the usual garbage they do at funerals. In the shadow’s he could not be seen and preferred it this way, silence was all this man cared about now.

He stood on his tiptoes but could just make out the coffin making it’s landing in the six foot deep hole. The priest had finished talking, people threw in a handful of dirt each then parted ways and made their way most likely to the wake. It was his fault she was dead, it’s very rare that nature creates things of purity and beauty but when it does it should be protected and cared for, he failed this task it cost him her life.

The grave diggers began filling in the hole, covering the coffin with a mound of dirt. He wanted to go over there and tear open that coffin just to see her face one more time but he couldn’t, of course he couldn’t. He walked in the opposite direction of where the others went, heading deeper into the shadows.

From inside the building where the wake was being held, his friend Joshua stared out of the window looking at the tree line, he could make out the shadowy figure.

“Shawn?” He murmured to himself. His girlfriend Michelle walked up to him and put her arms around his waist.

“Are you okay?” She whispered.

“Yeah I just thought… I saw something.” Josh replied, still looking out into the darkness.

“He’s gone you know? He won’t be back, he can’t come back. Not after what he did.” She whispered, Josh hated this but knew she was right. He gently nodded, took Michelle’s hand and walked into the crowd of people having drinks.


I don’t know why I went, I had to, so many people turned up, I could understand why, she was a very popular person who somehow got herself mixed up in the wrong crowd. I tried to do everything I could to save her.

At least that’s what I tell everyone, I blacked out again and amongst the dead laid her. I see her now, I close my eyes, I hear her, her screams, begging, PLEADING! My hand gently caressed her face as her life slipped away from me, I see the world today, I see what it has turned into. There is absolutely no point in life any more, just one big joke that has gotten out of hand.

– Prison Diary of Shawn Strata.

Now driving, he soared down the motorway, his speedometer continued to rise, 70mph, 90mph, 100, 120, 140… He sat there wiping tears from his eyes, he reached across to the passenger seat and picked up the bottle of vodka he had sitting next to him, he takes both hands off the steering wheel and to unscrew the top, he then takes a mouthful and swallows. He goes to take another swig of the bottle, changes his mind then throws it out of the window. He screams out in anger while beating the steering wheel, the rain continued to hammer down, there were no other cars on the road, no one could hear his cries.

His breathing began to get heavier, his shoulders moving up and down. He looked at the dark sky, “I’m sorry.” he cries, “I’m so sorry.”

Then without a second thought turns his steering wheel all the way right, smashes the Audi A6 into the central reservation, it flips over into the opposite side of the motorway, as it lands it rolls a couple of times then slams upside down on the hard tarmac and continues to slide down the wet surface a further 100 feet before finally coming to a stop. Glass now covered both sides of the motorway as did various parts of the Audi in question.

He crawled out where his wind screen once was, blood covered his face and created a trail wherever he moved. His arms began to shake and he collapses, his face lands on the glassy wet road, his breathing begins to get shallower, his eyes heavier and finally loses consciousness.


11 Comments to “Dark Globe Featured Novel: Twist Of Hate”

  1. Get it Edited, and Self Publish it… Don’t get caught in the “Published” Trap of waiting for someone out there to “Love” it, and “Publish” it

    It will take some time preparing it for Self Publication, mostly Editing, but like I say, once it is, and once you’ve got a Cover, you’re good to go.

    Don’t wait to get it Published, Self Publish yourself.

    Nuff Said, Good Job, and Good Luck


    • I like the idea of having a physical book with my name on it though haha; any idea where you’d get a cover made? Self editing shouldn’t be a problem because I’ve got OCD when it comes to spelling, even if I mis-spell something I’ve written it can be easily spotted so I just need to work through it, probably start it next week n shit.

      • Self Publishing is a Physical Book? I have Physical Copies of My Poetry Book in a Book Store… If you’re talking about a Digital Version, I have that as well, but I did that later

        For My Covers so far, My Poetry Book was easy, it was a Solid Color… Just used a Word Document to Create it, and Converted into a Different Form of File for Publishing

        My Novella Cover came from me having a Concept in my mind, and typing the Concept in Yahoo… Found a Picture I liked, Asked Permission from the Artist to use it, and Then Created a Cover for it

        I Use CreateSpace for My Self Publishing… When you Self Publish with them, it Creates an Online Store for each specific Book, and it also Places your Book on Amazon.com

        You also have the ability to Order Physical Copies from them, at a really good price, which you can then use to Give Samples to Book Stores, or Fill Orders at Book stores.

        If you have an idea for a cover, I’d say Cruise over to Deviant Art, and see if you can Find a Piece, or an Artist that you like


        • Oooh I did not know that. I’d get a load of my books put in a shop then get all my mates to go and buy it so it looks really popular haha!

          • Lol

            You’re Likable, so People at Book Stores would probably like you… Though I know nothing about England Book Stores, Lol

            But can’t hurt to get some Samples out to some Book Stores, and see if they’ll consider carrying it

            My Mom actually told me that our Local Book Store Likes to Promote Local Writers, so I called the Manager, and asked if they’d take a look at a Sample of My Book…

            And they did, and now they Carry it… It’s set up on Consignment, but that doesn’t matter… It just means it doesn’t cost them anything to carry you, so there’s no risk

            The main reason I got the Poetry Book in there was to try and Establish a Relationship with the Book Store, so that they’ll consider future Books of Mine…

            Not that I don’t want to sell My Poetry Books, but I think they’re a bit of a harder sell than Novels and such

            I already Contacted the Manager and asked if she’d take a look at My Novella once I’ve Self Published it, and she said yes.

            And so it goes.


  2. Awesome stuff, Pete, really grabs at you and I itch to read more 🙂

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