Day 29 June Follower Appreciation Month

by darkjade68

Day 29 June Follower Appreciation Month

Only a Couple Days Left in June Appreciation Month… I Hope that all of you have enjoyed Checking Out “The Dark Globe” Follower’s Sites as much as I have…

A Lot of these last couple days of Links are Followers that Joined us during the Last Couple Months or so… So I may not be familiar with too many of their Sites yet

Today’s Links

Dark Angel – Fiction: Insight Into The Emotionally Disturbed – New to me

The Evolution of Eloquence – Also New to me

Piglet In Portugal – New to me

Figment – New to me

True Stalker Confessions – New to me

Inigo Boy – Also New to me

Jill Of All Trades… Expert Of None! – New to me

A Walrus Is A Friend – New to me

Law Reigns – New to me

Devina @Hot Chocolate And Books – Now Devina I know… She is one of The Dark Globe’s Newest Writer/Photographer Contributors… Devina has been a Great Addition to Our Dark Globe Crew, and has a Lovely Site… Definitely Check it out

Lomax Bike – New to me

Simple Pleasures – New to me

Spring Confessions – Also New to me

Chester Maynes – New to me

Health Demystified – New to me

Heaven 4 Earth – New to me

Photographic Memory – New to me

Humbled Pie – New to me

That’s All for now, be sure to check these Guys and Ladies Sites, and let em know The Dark Globe Sent yah

Thanks Guys



7 Comments to “Day 29 June Follower Appreciation Month”

  1. Hah you removed my “Lol” I only Lol’d because you could have just put “All these are new to me apart from Devina” and you’ve have saved some time 🙂 Don’t feel offended Big Jim.

  2. I’m linked to Piglet in Portugal she has been going a long time, also Jill Of All Trades… Expert Of None! also Simple Pleasures and Humbled Pie.

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