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July 31, 2012

The Dark Globe Forums

by 'Ard Pete

You’ll notice if you go to the WordPress forums that there are no longer Off-Topic or Showcase forums, meaning they have effectively killed off their community.

While the real reasons behind this remain unknown, they’ve cited wanting more activity for peoples blogs as the “offical” reason. However what they don’t understand is most of the people I’ve met through WordPress has been through those forums.

It’s great for starters to showcase their blog, I know without those forums Dark Globe wouldn’t exist, I personally wouldn’t have a readership on my own blog or forge the relationships I have with the people that also use this site.

First, we’ll be removing the Off Topic and Showcase forums. Many of the posts in Off Topic could have been blog posts. In place of that forum we’d encourage everyone to write postsfollow your friends, and carry on the conversation through comments.

Yeah great stuff, although we won’t have any friends because there’ll be no Off Topic or Showcase forums for us to meet any. Then they tell us to look here for more Traffic which also doesn’t work if you’re unable to meet anyone. A lot of us don’t want our real life friends reading our blog. A lot of us don’t want to troll through endless tag pages to find anything interesting.

Needlessly to say, it was a very poor decision and it’s almost like WordPress hate their users and obviously have zero respect for us considering they just made this change out of the blue. Deleting older topics that go back 6 years would have been better than just deleting everything.

Anyway, it seems to me like an excellent time to reintroduce The Dark Globe Forums, we tried introducing it earlier this year although it didn’t really take off, mainly due to us already having WordPress forums to visit.

But hopefully we’ll be able to create a community, if you want to pass on the link to the forums to your followers and get the word out there that’d be great. WordPress seem to have lost touch with reality, people enjoy group discussions, people like to air their frustrations, advertise their work, etc. This is a place for us to do that.

So if you haven’t already signed up, sign up, post, discuss, enjoy!



The Dark Globe Forums

July 31, 2012

Movie Review: Savages

by paigeaddams

  Hello all, and welcome to my first movie review! 🙂 This time around I’m reviewing Savages.

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July 30, 2012

Tragic Transfiction

by Devina

This is the photo for last week’s Picture It and Write! hosted by Ermilia Blog. What we’re supposed to do is make up a story or a poem based on the picture that’s provided each week. It’s a pretty sweet chance to be random and let your creativity loose! I prefer to do the stories and like this one, some tend to be lengthy.


(Via Ermilia Blog)

Hi there, I’m Jolie Nolan and if you’re up to it I’ve got a story to share. There was a myth, or what many considered a myth, in my family concerning my father’s younger sister, Eliza. Only the few that were there couldn’t deny the stark truth, save for the one that couldn’t believe it to this day. The others, what they doubted, what they thought was a God awful tale spun by our ancient looking Aunt Maude, was something I knew as a fact, something I’m tied to for as long as I live.

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