Dark Globe Editorial – A Conversation With Star Wars

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

A Conversation With “Star Wars”



As someone who actually saw the Original “Star Wars” in the theaters, and was Heavily Influenced by its Scope, Characters and Story…

So much so that I can safely say that the First Two Films were My Greatest Inspiration, and potentiality one of the Main Reasons that I ended up Pursuing Film Making from 2000 to 2003.

And Later shifted over to Screenplay Writing in late 2003 to 2005.

And as a Journalist, I felt it was time I Interviewed Star Wars, and see how it goes.

Not George Lucas, The Man Who Created “Star Wars”… Though he is one of My Heroes because of it, I will gladly admit.

No I thought I’d Interview the Characters…

Luke Skywalker;

DJ: “Luke… How are yah buddy…”

LUKE: “I’m Good…. Thanks”

DJ: “Now Luke, I have to admit, when I first saw the First “Star Wars”, I didn’t actually care for you all that much…”

LUKE: “Really? Sorry to hear that… Should I leave?”

DJ: “Ha, no Luke… Stay”

“I will tell you though, from the moment you entered “Bespin” (The Cloud City) in “The Empire Strikes Back”, I pretty much thought you were Bad A$$…”

LUKE: “Well Thank You DJ… I really appreciate that”

DJ: “Not only had you faced “Yourself” in Dagobah, and found it to look just like “Darth Vader…”

“But I also thought that your Training went quite well…”

LUKE: “Gotta thank the Little Green one for that, Ha”

DJ: “He deserves some of the Credit, it’s true… But back to Bespin.”

“Not only did you easily escape the “Carbon Freeze” Device, but I think you had one hell of a battle, considering your minimal amount of Training…”

Let’s take a look…”






DJ: “Impressive… Most Impressive… I think Darth had it right… You pretty much Kicked A$$ in that scene… Which of course is why Ol Darth had to start hurling hunks of metal at you, Lol”

LUKE: “Yeah… Well… That’s Dad, what can I say”

DJ: “Which of course lead to one of the Most Famous, and Greatest Moments in Film… “Luke… I Am Your Father”.

LUKE: “Great for you maybe… I must admit, I was a bit distraught, Lol”

DJ: “I understand, Lol”

“I’ll end by saying this Luke, in My Opinion, you were The Best Part of “Return of The Jedi…” … Your Scenes with The Emperor and Darth at the End, Truly made the Film”

LUKE: “Thank you once again…”

DJ: “And on that note, Until Next Time where I shall Interview My Next Star Wars Character…”

“I bid you Ado… And “May The Force Be With You…”






4 Comments to “Dark Globe Editorial – A Conversation With Star Wars”

  1. . . . oh, you should have asked him why all the whining in the first movie. I tried watching the original (on Laser Disc – before all the Lucas tweaking), and had to stop. Some movies are best reviewed as memories only.

    In all fairness, Luke had to share screen time with a legend of film; it highlighted his inexperience as an actor. His composure, delivery, and screen presence were a stark contrast to R2D2.

    Oh, and Guinness as well.

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