Dark Globe Editorial – “Never Tell Me The Odds…” – Han Solo

by darkjade68


by Dark Jade

“Never Tell Me The Odds…” – Han Solo – The Conversation With Star Wars Continues




Han Solo;

The Moment Luke and Obi-Wan Entered that Cantina in Mos Eisley, and we The Fans met that Roguish Pilot Han Solo, and he muttered the words “Millennium Falcon”…

We knew for a Fact, that we were in for a Hell of an Adventure.

DJ: “Thanks for coming in Han…”

HAN: “No Problem Kid…”

DJ: “Ha, haven’t been called Kid for a while”

“First of all… Tell us about that Ship of yours…”

HAN – “Well… What’s to say… You’ve seen the Flicks… She’s Fast… None Faster…”

DJ: “And you Won her from Lando Carlissian? Right…”

HAN: “Some Things Were Meant to be, yah know… Maybe I wouldn’t say sucha Humbo Jumbo thing a few years back… But I’ve seen some things, yah know”

DJ: “And being I won’t likely be Interviewing the “Great Chewbacca”, as I don’t speak Wookie, what can you tell me about him?”

HAN: “Who Chewy… He’s the greatest friend you could ever have… Brave… Strong… And smarter than you would think… Ah yeah, couldn’t do it without him”

DJ: “Now at first you were just in it for the money, as we all know… You needed to pay off a debt to The Gangster Jabba The Hut… But after being on that Space Station (The Death Star), it really seemed that you were starting to get more involved in the whole “Rebellion Cause” if you will…”

HAN: “Well, I will say this about Luke… He’s got some Serious Guts… The way he threw himself into the whole “Rebellion” thing without hesitation…”

“At first… I’ll admit… I thought he was a typical kid, being foolish, and reckless…”

“But I was wrong… The Kid has Heart”

DJ: “And Princess Leia?”

HAN: “Who Leia? Phew… She was flat out Hot, Lol”

“But in truth, she was One Hell of a Leader… Someone I ended up both Admiring, and Following whole heartedly into the whole “Rebellion Cause”… Without Regret”

The Empire Strikes Back

DJ: “As Great as you were in the First Film, and admittedly, I wanted to be “Han Solo” after I had seen it…”

“It was the Second Film, “The Empire Strikes Back”, where I really felt you took over the Films”

HAN: “Thanks for that…”

DJ: “Not only did you show Great Heroism going out to save Luke from a “Ice Planet-ty Death”, but you showed us exactly what Leia meant to you, which I feel is a Whole Other Form of Bravery on its own…”

“Especially when you’re dealing with someone as Head Strong, and Independent as her…”

HAN: “Leia is a Complicated Creature… So strong… So Heroic… An Outstanding Leader, no doubt”

“But there’s definitely a lot more to her than that…”

“A Woman Worth Loving, lets put it that way.”

DJ: “Well I will say, there was no Stronger Moment to demonstrate the Love you and her felt for one another, then in the “Carbon Freeze” Scene… And we’ll leave it with that.”

“Thanks for coming in Han…”

HAN: “My pleasure Kid…”



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More Character Interviews to come


Luke’s Interview


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