Blue Horizons: Canje River

by Devina

Me, my camera and I

One of my favourite views when I go up to Berbice is of the Canje River. It’s really a glorious sight to behold in the early morning! The metal works you see at the bottom are the rails of the Canje bridge to would take you to New Amsterdam, one of the major towns in Guyana, on one end and on the other, the little village of Sheet Anchor. This river plays an integral role in the farming in the area, primarily rice and sugar fields.

Before the recently constructed Berbice Bridge, the main means of getting over to Rosignol (at the other side) was by pontoon and let me tell you  it was the dark days, you had to get up around three or four in the morning to get in line to be loaded in to the boat if you got to be somewhere at 8AM, and the…

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