Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Dream Shift

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Dream Shift

Back in August of 2011 was when I started My Creative Writing Blog, “The Written Word“…

The main reason for starting it was to get in the habit of Writing on a Daily Basis, which has worked… I now Write between 800 and 1,200 Words a Day on Average.

Something that I hadn’t planned on Writing within that Blog, however, was Poetry…

But as it turned out, I had gone through a Breakup some two months Prior, and for me at least, Poetry flows pretty easily after such a thing.

Not that all of My Poems are Romantically Based, but the Emotions that were Flowing Through me, definitely called for  an Outlet…

So during the Months of September 2011, through December 2011, I really started to Write a Lot of Poetry.

And in January 2012, as many of you probably know, I Self Published My First Ever Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“…

Well in The Months of September, 2011, through The Present… I’ve basically Written something like 7 Short Poetry Books.

But My Primary Focus for My Next Self Published Work, has been My Novella “I Died Once“… And I also Finished My First Draft of My Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“.

Somewhere underneath all of that is My Second Poetry Book, “Dream Shift“, Patiently Awaiting its Chance to be Self Published… Perhaps I will Finally Get to it by Winter Time, Lol

Meanwhile, I thought I’d Share a Few of The Poems From This Second Poetry Book, These have not been Edited as of yet, so Pay You No Mind to such things, Lol




Dream Shift (Poetry) Oct, 2011-Dec, 2011

by DarkJade

Little Sister

Little Sister

I have Oft Dreamt of you…

In Times of Need…

I would be there

To guard you from this sometimes too harsh world

Listen to your troubles

Be your closest friend…

Be your Brother

Till Time does End

Sadly, we shall never meet…

It’s impossible now…

But to me you are still just as sweet…

Never shall you call…

My Honor to your side

Defend you from the Dark Ones

That Travel through the Wood

Sometimes I miss you

Though we’ve never met

I wonder if we’d hung out

Every Chance we get




Blue In Light Pours Into My Soul…

Your Life…

My Love

My Heart Embraces Yours

Your Hands…

Upon me

We are Alone

Silence of Night

Warm in Black

Passion in Touch

Deeper than This

Is Quite Unknown…

I feel you

You Tremble in me…

I Hold you Tighter

Your Tears Captivate me

I am yours

It’s Always Been…

This way

It will Always Be

This way


Love Must Come

Play while you read…

Love Must Come

Boy in dark…

Coin to air

Deep Blue Pool

Hearts despair

Under stars

Love Must Come

It has before…

It must again

Tossed… Froze… Held

Breath away

From dark within…

Much dismay

Drawn forth…

Hearts device

Across its face…

Colors… And Light

It holds inside…

Hope… Trust and Lust

Love Must Come

It simply must

Dim the Fires

Revealing Green

Loves not kind…

In fact… Its mean

Dark Black warmth

Hair… Wavey and Red

Loves before…

Not simply shed

Shapes to forms

To each… Their own

Unique to taste…

Scents… Unknown

When thoughts do blend…

Hearts will mend

Her His own

They were once friends



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