Outrageous Wedding Dresses ( Photos ).

by Harry

For all the brides to be, here are a few Brides dresses to look at.  You never know you might like one, or you might be sick.

The last two are the best, but don’t sneak down.

The Nipple Wedding Dress

The Dildo Wedding Dress

The Fat Woman’s Wedding Dress

The Pregnant Bride Wedding Dress

The Cream Puff Wedding Dress

And now for the Gypsy wedding dresses.

Trashy Bride

And now for the best wedding dress ever, but you won’t be looking at it.

The Russian Stripper Wedding Dress.

The Boob Wedding Dress


9 Comments to “Outrageous Wedding Dresses ( Photos ).”

  1. Reminds me of an old Edgar Broughton band song ‘Drop out drop out’ 😉

  2. Wow! Um No, you’d never catch me in any of those.

  3. that is a whole new look at wedding dresses … LOL

  4. In the name of … I wonder if they actually did drop out!

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